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Assisted conception after recurrent miscarriage part 6

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Arianrhod Wed 09-Apr-14 13:04:35

Part 5 here :

Arianrhod Wed 09-Apr-14 13:07:59

Hey ladies, hope you all find it over here smile

belly Sounds fabulous, that's a really good number of eggs! What's eeva, if you don't mind me asking - is that the same as PGD/aCGH testing? And yes, I flew home the same day on both cycles - clearly it makes no difference smile Plus your flight should be shorter, is that right, from Spain? Mine was a 4 hour flight from Greece, not that it made any difference. If you feel more comfortable with giving them an extra day though, I'd do it. Also how come a day 4 transfer - don't they go to day 5, or is it just that it is because day 5 would be a Sunday (don't they open on Sundays?).

Mel3062 Wed 09-Apr-14 13:17:50

Thanks for the new thread ari smile

BellyD Wed 09-Apr-14 17:10:02

Thanks for the new thread, Ari. Eeva is where they permanently monitor the embryos to see which ones are developing best. It won't improve their quality but should give a better indication of viability. I was unsure about the day 4/5 thing and wondered about Sunday, but they said that they can usually tell by Day 4 which ones will go to blasto and so it is better that they are back on board confused!

Mel we chose IVF Spain as we wanted Zita West to handle out immunes and they have us a list of clinics that they deal with. If not, we would prob have gone to Serum as they sound amazing.

swlondonnanny Wed 09-Apr-14 17:10:41

Mel and Sue sorry for BFN, same here with me, AF due tomorrow, another negative test today. Find it harder and harder every month.
Ari great news. Congratulations.
With all this talk about Serum - did any of you actually have immune tests done there or just go there for IVF?

duggs1976 Wed 09-Apr-14 17:25:03

nanny - you can have a free consultation with Peny over the phone.... Nothing to lose can have IVF straight up!!

duggs1976 Wed 09-Apr-14 17:25:07

nanny - you can have a free consultation with Peny over the phone.... Nothing to lose can have IVF straight up!!

swlondonnanny Wed 09-Apr-14 17:55:18

Thank you Duggs will contact penny and see what she'll say. Congratulations with you pregnancy, was really good to see all good scan news - always gives me a bit of hope.
Can't remember - did you have your DH DNA fragmentation retested? And had another treatment? Or I got it mixed up with someone else?
Also if you don't mind could you pm me details of your ( and sue's I think???) acupuncturist? I really like the one I go to but would like a second opinion...

Pebbles73 Wed 09-Apr-14 18:33:02

Ari that is amazing, twins!!! I think it's defo a coping mechanism after everything you have been through. Such amazing news though!!

belly so pleased to hear all going well and hope you get to enjoy a nice break too. I would probably satay another day but that's just me.

Just sent sample, was imagining the look of horror on someone's face if they saw what was in there!!
Did you all have both infections test done? That's what I have gone for.

Mel3062 Wed 09-Apr-14 19:00:01

Sorry sn nanny it's so hard sad think I'll test again with frer in morning then stop cyclogest as af due fri I'll be at least 12 dpo tomorrow.
Pebbles I did both tests last year and was on antibiotics now when I get preg I'll be on them again or month before ivf.
Now to try broach serum with oh umm maybe I'll wary til he's better x

Mel3062 Wed 09-Apr-14 19:04:44

When you phone Peny does she tell you what protocol? How do you know how many days you'll need to be their?

Pebbles73 Wed 09-Apr-14 21:18:34

I haven't spoken to Penny, just completed online form and somebody called Katie replied so can't help you there . Good luck with your oh.

Arianrhod Thu 10-Apr-14 08:32:19

lol pebbles I thought the exact same thing, what if someone from Customs opens the package?! Fortunately they didn't smile I had the full 7 infection testing done, I wanted to cover all bases.

mel When you speak with Penny she will have had all your history and she will go through options with you, to find out what's the best way forward for you. She may tell you you don't need IVF, which I find refreshing as it clearly shows Serum aren't just after your money!

swnanny I had already had immunes testing done with Mr S so I just sent all the results to Penny when I sent my initial form in. However, Serum do do the full immunes panel if you want/need, for a darned sight less money than getting tested over here was! You don't have to have testing with them to cycle with them, and they do full immunes support whether you've tested through them or not.

duggs How are you feeling now? Nausea passed? It's driving me nuts, I'm never sick but I spend most of my waking hours feeling seriously yuck and nothing seems to help much.

VillageMum Thu 10-Apr-14 08:50:26

Just found new thread! Going away for a few days but just wanted to pop in and say Ari twins - that's just fantastic! I'm so delighted for you and hope the next three weeks are totally uneventful!! smile

belly everything crossed for a successful and peaceful weekend as the embies go in.

swlondonnanny Thu 10-Apr-14 09:19:54

Thank you Ari how do you find it with their prescriptions? I mean do you need to pick up all the medication in Greece? Or in UK? No idea how this works.
Had a quick chat with DH and agreed to give it another 6months and if nothing happens to go for IVF. Even discussed DE IVF and he was fine with it.

duggs1976 Thu 10-Apr-14 11:22:03

I think nanny, once you make that decision some kind of inner peace forms as you realise the ticking clock isn't such a time bomb and you will be pregnant successfully and give birth to a beautiful baby that you can bring up with your partner. It is an almost euphoric feeling. I also reasoned with myself And I guess Ari has, that if proven, excellent quality blastocyst don't work with immune treatment then nothing will and writing is on the wall and we would have to move into adoption without wondering what if??! You are guaranteed 3 grade A blastocyst so that is a whole different ball game to worrying about own embryo quality etc etc. my DH did have more DNA fragmentation in jan but it came back ok- ish 22 percent so not as good as 15 not as bad as 33. I do think serum might be your answer nanny. Ari yes nausea pretty much gone now, although I feel a bit weird late afternoon/evening if I haven't eaten for 2 hours so stuff my fat face. 12 wks on Sunday - have NHS nucal scan tomorrow morning and 2nd harmony scan with risk results on Tuesday morning then I can breathe a bit easier. Although I'm kind of thinking f"ck it ... My risk now is surely downs or something anatomical that will be a 2nd/3rd trimester loss and can't do anything about anyway. Belly D v excited and pleased for you... Pebbles not long now honey. Sue and Mel .. Do you feel a little more relaxed as these success stories roll in?? You still have as good a chance as anyone but the back up option must make you feel optimistic about the future?

Mel3062 Thu 10-Apr-14 14:22:36

It does duggs absolutely thanks though the bfn is a killer. We've still got this as a next step isn't it (if oh agrees) these successes are gearing me to serum x

Arianrhod Thu 10-Apr-14 14:22:38

swnanny I have no problems at all with their prescriptions - theoretically any pharmacy here should deal with any EU prescription. I get all my Serum prescriptions filled at my local Asda, as they do IVF meds cost-price, saves me a fortune! I'm lucky enough with my local Asda pharmacy that they will actually dispense on a printed email prescription, provided I drop the hardcopy into them as soon as I have it - they usually take 4 or 5 days to reach me in the post. I know a lot of ladies can't do this, their pharmacy will only accept the hardcopy - but they do accept them, with no problems.

There is a fantastic and very thorough FAQ to doing things with Serum over on the Fertility Friends Greece board written by the wonderful 'agate' - she's an absolute mine of information. I'll get you a link to it if you're interested?

duggs Your attitude is as ever absolutely spot-on. Fingers crossed for your nuchal scan & risk results, but I'm thinking you won't need those crossed fingers smile

Will try to write more later, got a mini-panic going on at work at the moment.

Mel3062 Thu 10-Apr-14 15:28:30

Please ari x

Mel3062 Thu 10-Apr-14 15:41:40

Ff detected ovulation day 25 I'm on day 28 now with af supposedly tomorrow. I'm well fed up now!!
Had positive cb advanced opk on day 9 that gives 4 days notice so this is crazy.
I tested this am as have to stop cyclogest for af to come and now don't know what to do!! Not Dtd since day 18 so won't be pregnant going by this, any ideas? Shall I just stop cyclogest and vaginally temp next time?

swlondonnanny Thu 10-Apr-14 16:07:23

Yes please Ari a link would be great
Mel how did FF detect ovulation - based on temperature? How long have you been using the cyclogest? Is is normal for you to have 40day cycle? I actually stopped cyclogest and pred on monday (11dpo) after bfn and period started today as expected. Maybe a bit too ealy to stop but I always get positive by 11dpo and if I was pregnant I would be producing more progesteron anyway. But that's just my way of thinking...

Arianrhod Thu 10-Apr-14 16:20:55

That's an odd cycle mel ... this isn't the pred effect is it? is Agate's Serum FAQ

Mel3062 Thu 10-Apr-14 16:22:51

I'm so confused sad if it's right I started cyclogest way early and neupogen :/
I've temped orally though been told to temp vaginally next time as it shows 1 degree rather than 2? I think I used wrong thermometer and sleep has been all over the place so just took it after longest sleep.
This is 2nd month of cyclogest after ovulation. Last month I got neg test and had to stop it for af to arrive so after waiting for blood tests to confirm af came on day 37 day after I stopped it! My cycle is usually 28 days can be 26 longest is 31 :/
I really don't know what to do I'm tempted to just stop as I won't be pregnant if that's right anyway and if I'm right I'm 12 dpo today and that's if I didn't ovulate til day 16!!

Mel3062 Thu 10-Apr-14 16:24:40

Thanks ari I'm thinking it's more the cyclogest but really don't know neither did mr g when asked him last time!

Mel3062 Thu 10-Apr-14 16:26:02

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