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AMH test results

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highlove Thu 22-Dec-11 10:12:20

hello, I just got my AMH test result: 22.19. Apparently that's 'satisfactory' but when I asked the nurse what the level has to be to make 'satisfactory' she said over 21-something. She said my result was fine but I'm now worried that I only seem to be just scraping it out of getting a 'low' result. I'm only 32!

Does anyone know anything or can provide me some reassurance. I've just had two disastrous Clomid cycles and I was really hoping for a more positive result that might fill me with hope that we might actually get there one day.

galwaygal Thu 22-Dec-11 11:34:43

AMH results mean nothing significant.

People with very very low AMH results can go one to have a completely healthy and normal pregnancy, while women with "normal" levels sometimes don't. Please don't pay any attention to this number it means nothing. It is used to judge whether the doctors think it is worth going ahead with IVF treatment with a womans own eggs or not. But other than that it is just a number that means nothing.

Dr Rai at St Mary's even told me not to get the test done precisely because the numbers can be discouraging and mean nothing in terms of the chances of a viable healthy pregnancy.

Please - you got a good number anyway, so don't go fretting about it.

I got a very low number a year ago (new doctor would not take me on without the test being done), he told me it would be very unlikely that I would get pregnant at all, I have done exactly that twice since then.

I hope this reassures you to ignore the amh number. I hope you get pregnant soon.

highlove Thu 22-Dec-11 11:36:55

Thank you galway...that was exactly what I needed to hear!

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