IVF now or wait?

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JandL2020 Sat 23-May-20 10:44:56

Hello all

Looking for some advice really for those who understand and have gone through the process.

My partner and I have the option of starting IVF in July. My question is - is this too soon? It would be 2 years in September trying. From what I’ve read online - people say wait at least 2 years before going down the IVF route.

I know we have a mixed infertility picture and likely ICSI will be our best option for success. I think we are holding off the inevitable but leaving it until September would give me more time to lose weight and both of us be the healthiest we can be.

Any thoughts welcome as having a little dilemma. I’m also concerned with a second peak and clinics potentially having to close again x

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Malysh Sat 23-May-20 12:52:51

Well, the two year wait usually is when there is no diagnosed fertility issue. In which case you can still hope for a pregnancy.

If someone has, say, blocked tubes, waiting makes little sense as there is no hope for a spontaneous pregnancy. So it really depends on what your fertility issues are.

As for clinics closing that's really impossible to predict. The economic cost has already been so great that I can't imagine another lockdown, I think it's more likely to have stricter social distancing measures. But obviously I don't have a cristal ball.

As for time to get healthy, it depends on how unhealthy you are to begin with, and how much of a difference a couple of months might make. I honestly don't think that 2-3 months dieting will make a huge difference... You'll lose, maybe, what, 10kg ? Assuming you need to lose that much in the first place. You'll certainly feel better if you change your habits and diet, but I don't think it'll make the difference between a BFP and BFN. Unless you are very overweight, in which case it's more likely to make a difference (and you could potentially lose a lot more weight than 10kg).

And obviously it also depends on your age.

If it was me, I would probably not wait. I'd also try to get healthier, but I wouldn't postpone IVF for that reason (unless very overweight).

As for clinics closing, I'd take the risk because I'd find waiting too hard. Worst case scenario, I'd lose money over the meds if a cycle was cancelled. It'd suck, but less than waiting several months.

But obviously it's a personal decision that depends heavily on your own specific circumstances. And how much losing money would hurt you financially, if a cycle was cancelled.

JandL2020 Sat 23-May-20 13:45:37

Thank you very helpful. I don’t look obese but would fall within the overweight/obese category - size 14/16 now compared to 3 years ago a size 12 comfortably. I really wanted to get back to get back to this but I think I’m just kidding myself now of that happening. I’m 34 next year by no means old but seeing how look the process takes and may not be successful first time this could be a long journey ahead. I have polycystic ovaries (not syndrome) I have regular 28 day cycles, partner has just below normal sperm count and some morphology issues. He has repeat test next week which should tell us realistically what the next steps are. X

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ivfgottostaypositive Sat 23-May-20 14:10:08

Weight is always going to be a factor in success rates - do you know your BMI?

I wouldn't wait - 33/34 is a good age to have a baby especially if you want more than one child before you are 40

I wouldn't wait - you don't how successful this cycle is going to be - we had our first IVF cycle 18 months ago and now on to our 5th so you could end up with multiple rounds over several years

Pinktruffle Sat 23-May-20 16:16:23

I was 34 when we started trying for a baby, I have PCOS, husband has no fertility issues. I had a miscarriage on my first natural pregnancy at age 35. We then started fertility treatment, the process of being seen by a consultant at a fertility clinic, getting all my tests done and doing a few rounds of Letrozole (which they are likely to try with you before they go for IVF) took me to being well in to 36. After that came an IVF referral. We had to wait for funding to come through and then go through consent signings and more blood tests and then on to waiting for the clinic to have enough space to treat us. We got our funding through in October but didn't start our IVF till February - I turned 37 in May and am thankfully now 3 months pregnant after successful first round of IVF.

I worry about having another baby and running out of time, evening we start trying to conceive straight away after this baby, I'll be very close to 38 at which point I'll have another huge drop in fertility. Even chances of IVF working at that age is a big drop (I do have 3 frozen embryos so I'll be praying one of those work).

I went to my GP after 3/4 months of trying to conceive as I knew at had PCOS to get the ball rolling for fertility treatment as I knew it was a long process -but didn't realise quite how long. I really regret not doing IVF earlier, DH and I were just discussing it this morning infact. If something were to go wrong in this pregnancy our chances of ever having more than one child - or even one child -would drop significantly and that really scares me.

Anyway, I know that was a bit of an essay and know it is my experience only but I was around the same age as you when I started trying to conceive (I know you have been trying longer) but I would recommend getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later. It is not a quick process and you can keep trying to conceive whilst waiting for tests and appointments especially if you are going via the NHS.

JandL2020 Sat 23-May-20 16:40:21

Thanks for replying. Not sure of my BMI - maybe 29? I don’t think it’s a reflection on how I look though. The clinic have asked for my weight and height let’s see if the consultant says it’s an issue. If it is then I’ll get on it to lose weight x

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JandL2020 Sat 23-May-20 16:45:41

Thanks for your reply and congrats on your pregnancy 🌈 Luckily I’ve had all the tests done via nhs and private. Was put on clomid but it made me feel horrendous - I was due to try final cycle after seeing the consultant at hospital on 1st May - then everything got cancelled. Nothing will resume normally in nhs for a long time so I’ve gone with a private clinic who have said they don’t have a waiting list and it’s a time that suits me. I think we will go with July. We have a family wedding in September as well (if that even goes ahead!) Thanks all xx

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JandL2020 Sat 23-May-20 16:47:36

I would like to add there are no rounds on IVF available on nhs where I live...hence there is zero point waiting around for something that is not going to change anytime soon. X

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JeNeBaguetteRien Sat 23-May-20 18:55:29

Sounds like you're swaying towards July, I would do the same in your shoes.
You can check your BMI really easily if you Google NHS BMI calculator, then you'll know if it is out of the limits, but yes probably a good idea to get it somewhere in the range the clinic advise if you can. Good luck.

JandL2020 Sat 23-May-20 19:02:32

Thank you 😘

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