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Shamoo Fri 22-May-20 21:30:31

Hopefully looking for some insights from people on this board, so thank you in advance.

I am 39, shortly turn 40. When I was 38 (March 2019) I had a round of IVF which resulted in 7 5D Blastocysts. Fresh transfer didn't take, first FET MMC, 2nd FET MMC, then 3rd and 4th FET very early miscarriage (don't know if 1 or 2 took). All have passed before a chance to have them tested genetically. So 1 left, but we have decided to have another round now, due to start next month. Have had every blood test going (as far as I am aware) and everything comes back as normal. Sperm is donor and has been tested for all sorts, and seems fine.

Our Doctor has advised we use PGT-A, assuming we get to 5D blastocysts, given my age and what has happened so far. It is making me very anxious.

The research we have done is very mixed, and I have read on here a number of people who have decided not to use it. I would really love to understand people's experiences either way (i.e. they decided not to do it or to do it) - not so I can be convinced by anyone on here, but so I can make sure I am focusing my research in the right area (it's all a bit overwhelming as there is so much literature) and ask the right questions of my clinic.

Thanks all smile

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ivfgottostaypositive Sat 23-May-20 00:13:59

I did PGTA on my 2nd cycle - I have a history of recurrent miscarriages and it was the last thing we hadn't tried for answers.

I don't get many blastocysts - normally only 2 per cycle whatever I do / whatever the protocol. I tested 2 blastocysts last year when I was 36. Both came back with issues - one was a complex abnormal and the other a low level mosaic. You should be aware that in the U.K. you are not allowed to transfer abnormal blastocysts. We were allowed to transfer the mosaic as it was low level. We were offered genetic counselling but declined. Transfer ended in a BFN

We are currently banking blastocysts from a 3 cycle package of egg collections and decided not to PGTA again - it was a case of why bother if we were prepared to transfer mosaics anyway. And there is the risk we could end up with all
Abnormals and have nothing to transfer.
I joined a few Facebook groups for PGTA especially USA ones where this kind of testing is much more prevalent and there are clinics who will transfer abnormals and lots of women go on to have successful pregnancies and healthy babies

PGTA was also downgraded by the HFEA earlier this year

That being said everyone I know who has done PGTA and transferred a confirmed "normal" embryo got pregnant that cycle - success rates are apparently 80% assuming there no other underlying reasons which might cause a miscarriage.

If I was over 40 - like 42 plus and was getting good numbers of blastocysts and only wanted one child I'd probably do it because chances are you'd get 1 normal. (% of normal eggs for women over 43 drops to like 6%)

Shamoo Sat 23-May-20 12:05:09

@ivfgottostaypositive Thank you so much for sharing I really appreciate it.

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Monir1239 Tue 23-Mar-21 21:48:45

Has anyone used NHS Barts for ivf treatment and has been referred to a different clinic for embryo testing PGTA, and Frozen embrto transfer to either King's hospital or Guys hospital

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