Not sure how to feel up positive one minute and down the next

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MrsLouB Tue 19-May-20 13:25:31

@Dot457 thank you so much for your reply and you advise i want to be positive and but is mixed emotions :-) good luck with your upcoming FET x

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Dot457 Tue 19-May-20 12:35:49

Hey @MrsLouB - Couldn't read and run! I'm no where near as far in as you, however just before lockdown we had our 2nd round of IVF. Waiting on FET now. I can relate to those mixed emotions type feelings. Some days I'm so positive and hopeful, looking into the future at how my life will be... but then some days if I think more realistically and think actually theres more chance of my life actually ending up childless, and I cannot shift that feeling other than just try and tell myself that, that wont be the case!

I think remaining positive is all we can do at this point, until we are told it will never happen or on a personal level give up completely, then we have to remain in the mind set that it will work! It's an impossible feeling after you get the news you didnt want though, so I'm not being naive there, I just think it's the only way to remain "sane".

Really hope this works for you xx

MrsLouB Tue 19-May-20 11:28:59

So we are about to start of last IVF our 3rd go and 2nd FET, we have been doing this dance for 14 years with a few loses along the way. we have a BFP on our 2nd and 1st FET which was so strong and numbers more than doubling and then bang bleeding and cramps and a loss at 6 weeks

Now part of me thinks ok it worked last time so could again, but then i think well i could also lose again. As this is our last and so it means everything to us. I cannot help to get carried away in my head looking at dates etc day dreaming etc but Hubbie doesnt want to know at all this time as he was heartbroken last time as says well the BFP and numbers mean nothing still.

Oh my head is all over the place x

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