Low AMH clinic recommendations please

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starsareblazing Mon 18-May-20 10:48:37


I am 29, TTC baby #1. I have low AMH (3.2 last August) so do not meet NHS criteria in my CCG for funding. My husband is 28 and has all normal results.

We went private end of last year and had our first IVF cycle, signed up for 2 cycle multicyle. It was a total rollercoaster, ending up on high doses of all meds as didn't respond to treatment, eventually went ahead with EC and got 5 eggs, 2 of which fertilised normally but only 1 divided. Had a day 2 transfer, got pregnant, had a MMC at 8 weeks with surgical management.

Were about to start another cycle when Covid struck! I'm currently with Bourn Hall Norwich (although next cycle would be BH Cambridge instead as they've advised EC under GA as one of my ovaries is posterior so they weren't able to collect from that side last cycle).

We spent so much money last cycle on meds, I think around £4000 on top of the cost of cycling, due to the ridiculously high volume of meds I was on. And we only got 1 embryo.

I'm now considering whether to just go ahead with BH (although they've not been an amazing clinic, they are closeby and did get me pregnant) or whether to get a partial refund from the multicycle programme and go to a unit that does mild/natural IVF instead. I'm thinking it'll hopefully a bit cheaper meds wise and more specialised so no reason why I wouldn't get as good or better outcome? I have heard good things about Create?

Any recommendations/thoughts would be so welcome, thank you smile

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ivfgottostaypositive Mon 18-May-20 13:11:56

Create are the most well known specialists treating women with low AMH - they also had some really good new patient deals on recently - £2.5k per round and just have to buy drugs on top. (For me about £500 but I also have blood thinners)

I'm with Create and it's low dose medication all the way - I've dropped down to natural modified IVF targeting much fewer follicles and I usually get between 2 and 7 eggs and getting the best quality blastocysts I've ever got (I'm in a 3 cycle package so can't transfer until after the final egg collection hopefully next month)

BUT with AMH at your level you need to be realistic you may only get 1 or 2 eggs - Creates whole ethos isn't to push for more because it just reduces quality

I've gone from the getting 14 eggs on short protocol IVF with less than 30% fertilised with ICSI and 2 average quality blastocysts (rubbish egg quality) To 100% fertilisation and top quality blastocysts by targeting much fewer eggs - I'm definitely an example of quality over quantity x

starsareblazing Tue 19-May-20 23:11:28

Hi @ivfgottostaypositivereate thank you so much for your reply, that all sounds really positive and is so helpful! I've been in touch with Create today to book in a consultation. It's amazing that you're getting such great quality results, everything crossed for you for the rest of your treatment!

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