Not sure its the right time?

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Bearsmum15 Thu 14-May-20 19:17:59

I guess its only ladies that are waiting for fertility treatment that get the not wanting to wait.

Bit of a backstory...
I had a 5yr old DS. We got lucky with him on cycle 4, i have been trying for a sibling now for 20 months.
Waiting to start cycle 8, this is my 2nd FET.

My clinic is now open and im guessing i will be able to start next month but is it really a good idea to be trying to get pregnant?
Im worried that none of us know what implications Covid has on pregnancy and newborns.
The fact i may have to isolate for who knows how long if i got pregnant and what impact that would have on my DS.

On the flip, time is essential now. If we dont do this in the next 6-12 months (if not sooner) then we may as well call it quits and destroy the 2 remaining embryo's we have.
I am also eager to move on with life. Sick of IVF, sick of having infertility hanging over our head. I want to know what is happening, whether we will be expanding or moving on as a family of 3.

I want to hear from ladies that reason why they are doing this now, despite the risks.


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Cleozeta Thu 14-May-20 20:05:18

Hi, I understand your worry of risk and I think it's valid. I have just had a stillbirth at 33 weeks and my husband is convinced it was linked to covid. I had what we thought may have been covid at around 27 weeks and that's when some red flags appeared for the baby's health (extra fluid and less movement), although when he was born nothing was obviously wrong and he looked perfect. The consultant was baffled. We are awaiting results of a post mortem.
Yet even after this, I am not waiting to try again. I am 43 and don't have time to wait. We are doing DE this time as I think another natural pregnancy is unlikely now. What I will be doing if I do get pregnant again will be completely isolating as we won't take any more chances.

Bearsmum15 Thu 14-May-20 21:17:34

Oh god... how awful for you.
Im so sorry to hear that.

I will never understand a loss that late, its unimaginable... but ive had 4 losses, and all apart from one (the one being where i lost my sons twin) i have been very eager to cycle again.

Perhaps with this new test that has been authorised where you can test to see if you have had Covid, you may find more answers.

I unfortunately wont be in a position to isolate, that just wouldnt be fair in my son, so i have no clue what the right thing to do is. I know that i want another baby, for me and my son... but at what cost 😬

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ivfgottostaypositive Fri 15-May-20 06:26:43

I have a DD and am just about to hopefully start our 5th egg collection - our next transfer will be our 4th. We have been doing a 3 cycle package so have banked 4 embryos so far with hopefully another 2 to get and once these 6 are transferred (not all together obviously 🤣) we are done. We've been at this for 3 years now and in that time I've had 5 miscarriages and 2 ruptured ectopics and nearly died twice. I have no tubes left so a naturally conceived baby is impossible now.

I don't want to wait until the virus disappears - I think that will be years anyway. I want my life back - I want to move on and have money (hopefully!) to spend on DD and give her my full attention without constantly having one eye on the calendar for the next cycle. With the infection rates being lower now I do think the risk of catching it is low - it's low enough for me to feel that getting pregnant now is low risk to me and the baby. If we have to isolate a bit then I can (and am) working from home and will risk assess what meetings I attend and how I get there. Life goes on for everyone during this x

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