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Limeflower2 Wed 20-May-20 16:35:23

@Girlinajumpsuit, thanks for the information. I'm so glad it worked for you first time.

@MorgenMuffel Thanks for your info. Sorry to hear about your first cycle didn't work. Its good they do a follow-up consultation. Fingers crossed for your next round.

It sounds like Lister's consultants work as a team which is excellent. So there is no waiting around for the consultant if one is not available.

MorgenMuffel Wed 20-May-20 09:58:42

@Limeflower2 we initially saw Dr Vivian Rittenburg. As @Girlinajumpsuit says, whilst they oversee your treatment I didn't have much contact with her during the cycle. Unfortunately our first cycle didn't work, so we had a followup consultation. Due to covid this was via phone, and as dr Rittenberg wasn't working we were given the choice to wait for her to return, or have a different consultant to follow up. We chose the second option and had Mr Raef Faris, who as it happened did my embryo transfer. We were really happy with both, and Mr Faris has clearly read my file etc before we spoke. We have complete freedom as to who we speak to next out of the two of them.

Girlinajumpsuit Wed 20-May-20 08:17:32

We also used the Lister and were successful first time despite low AMH. I dont know how much was sheer luck but I do know others in similar situations who were also successful there first time. We used them as they have very good success rates. We found it all very efficient- they really seem to know their stuff and I echo what @MorgenMuffel said about add ons- you dont feel pushed into extras like a scratch etc and they are transparent with evidence for and against. We saw Dr Parikh and she was lovely. You dont really have that much contact with consultant though beyond the first couple of appointments which did surprise me. Once you are on your protocol you just get swept along in the system of scans etc and we didnt see the same doctor again once protocol had started. I was worried about this at the time but with hindsight it didnt really matter. They all know what they are doing and your consultant still oversees the process.

Limeflower2 Mon 18-May-20 22:43:41

Hi, hope you don't mind me joining this thread. I'm with a NHS hospital in London but as a private client as I'm not qualify for any funding in my area. Given the situation with Covid19 I was meant to have IUI treatment. But I've been told they will only treat IVF for now. So I'm consider changing clinic.

@MorgenMuffel I'm looking into Lister, would you recommend any consultant you had experience with please? I'm hoping to try IUI for one round then IVF. Many thanks.

MorgenMuffel Mon 18-May-20 22:28:37

Sorry, clearly posted too soon 😂

I'm at the Lister clinic at the moment, and been very happy - not that we have much to compare to. We found the hfea website helfpul to narrow down options as well as their websites. We liked the fact the Lister was open and honest about the evidence for some of the add ons etc.

I have to say a big factor in choosing it for me was location given the amount of times you have to go in per cycle - its a half hour walk from where I work (less via bus or uber but avoiding at the mo!) I really didnt want the stress of a long journey to add to it all and trying to rush back to work after a scan etc. We've found everyone to be very friendly and they take time to make sure you understand everything etc.

Good luck!

MorgenMuffel Mon 18-May-20 22:21:45


ChatWithMe Sat 16-May-20 20:14:47

Thanks Leala20 and Gabbbbbbby. Well good luck. It's not easy so glad some staff seemed kind. Kindness goes a long way. I bet fertility staff gets a bit jaded. They should work rotations so they don't get to the point where a person becomes an AMH score. By rotations I mean work in different healthcare disciplines to keep motivated and fresh...


Gabbbbbbby Sat 16-May-20 19:03:11

I would second what @Leala said. It did feel like you were sort of part of a baby-making machine, there wasn't much personal touch or emotional connection. I guess that helps them get results, and I was 29 and with good fertility (my husband had very poor morphology) so we were good candidates for them. I quite liked how matter of fact they were, but it would be difficult if things weren't going well. And yes, as I said before, the nurses were all amazing.

Leala20 Sat 16-May-20 18:12:26

I was just under 1 at 36 all other results absolutely fine, I am healthy and fit and this was a shock to hear. In the same meeting I was told I would be starting menapaue soon and could consider IOU but it’s still could be a waste of money. Egg donation or trying even once was never mentioned. When I went to Create it was opposite. Very supportive and careful explanation of my situation but also of all options so I could make a decision. I learnt what I thought was shocking happens to even women under 30 (rarely but it does). I have found a clinic I am now happy with but I have friends who had great experiences with CRGH so I think it just depends on maybe the consultant you have and the results. The nurses were lovely.

ChatWithMe Sat 16-May-20 15:16:42

Aw that's too bad Leala20. Do you mind sharing what your test results were eg AMH etc? Curious what they exclude. I do think some clinics get better results cause they are more restrictive.

Leala20 Sat 16-May-20 14:10:43

I had experience with CRGH but only initial and decided not to continue. It was a very traumatic experience being there and indeed booking system information prior was not organised and then when it came to the appointment as my results were unexpectedly low I didn’t like their approach. I can see now the focus was on success and not on helping me get there even by offering alternatives. I was given more support and options and time in other clinics when I sought second opinion and very different approach. At the same time I am aware they have high success rates but down to being selective too. So I think it all depends where you’re at with your results.

ChatWithMe Thu 14-May-20 08:44:27

Good choice Koalabear23 Hope it goes well!

Koalabear23 Wed 13-May-20 22:09:50

Thank you, that’s really helpful. Love the idea of the spreadsheet, I’ve tried to persuade my hubby but he’s not having any of it. I’ve booked a first appointment with CRGH though so fingers crossed it helps. Thanks for responses.

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Gabbbbbbby Tue 12-May-20 11:34:46

This was jan-feb 2019 by the way. We went for our initial checks etc in August and I was pregnant in February, so it was all fairly quick xxx

Gabbbbbbby Tue 12-May-20 11:23:28

Hi! We went with crgh and overall I was happy. The consultant we had was a little impersonal, but in a way, being matter of fact about this kind of this is quite good! I found their appointment system quite disorganised, kept being booked for appointments which I didn't need etc, and actually we waited 2 hours for our embryo transfer, in the room, in the bed, me in my gown... not ideal for such a nerve wracking procedure!! However, the nurses who look after you once you start all your meds and monitor your bloods etc were absolutely wonderful, so kind and attentive, and would see you at the drop of a hat if you were worried. You can tell the whole place is so invested in your cycle being successful, the attention to detail with meds etc was phenomenal - they had me in for bloods every day for the two weeks prior to egg collection. As I said, just don't expect not to have to wait in the waiting room for late running appointments - I kind of thought as it was private it would be a bit smoother...

Most importantly, we were successful first time, so obviously I will recommend them! I definitely will go back when we decide we want baby number 2...

Good luck with it all xxx

ChatWithMe Mon 11-May-20 21:02:03

My husband made a spreadsheet with HFEA stats over a three year period. We were looking to change clinics but it's too much a pain so gonna do our final cycle at our current clinic.

If we did change we were gonna go with this one as it's success rates were excellent:

I wanted to go with Create for natural modified IVF but they were slightly lower success rates and couldn't convince hubby. Still very good choice though.

Chelsea and Westminster clinic also great stats.

You can check HFEA website clinic by clinic but it takes a while....

Good luck!

HJF84 Mon 11-May-20 20:55:14

@koalabear23 I'm London based and I did a fair bit of research. I went with Create in the end, mainly as they specialise in people with a low AMH, but also I was impressed with the initial contact. I had an appt at the London Women's Clinic and I was impressed with them, but a friend of a friend had a negative experience with them and it put me off. I felt a few clinics I went to were pressuring me to take the IVF with them, which put me off! I also looked at Croydon Fertility Clinic, but they never got back to me(!)

I suggest taking advantage of as many open evenings and webinars as you can.

Koalabear23 Mon 11-May-20 20:31:50

Thank you, it’s really helpful to hear your experience. I am a little worried about not having any embryo’s to transfer. Doc thinks I have ‘hyper fertility’ so get pregnant every month but as my womb isn’t fussy they always miscarry. No idea if that’s actually true or not, but worth a try. Let’s hope some eggs are ok in there!
Good advice, I’ve signed up to some webinars too. Anyone been to CRGH or Women’s clinic in London Bridge?

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ivfgottostaypositive Mon 11-May-20 16:01:52

I'd recommend going to a few open evenings or I guess they are webinars now? It's a very personal decision and what works for one person might not for others eg my clinic is on a business park and one reviewer didn't like that! (Not sure why since it makes it easy to get to and plenty of parking 🤷‍♀️)

I chose mine as they seemed the friendliest, less corporate and seemed genuinely interested in me as a person and not my wallet. They talked me out of loads of expensive extras that they said no evidence would help so I felt I could trust them that they weren't just trying to sell loads of extra treatment

My clinic is Create and I've been to the central London clinic at St Paul's a few times for scans and egg collection as I work in London a lot otherwise my usual clinic is in Birmingham. I have to say I like "my" clinic better - London seemed a lot busier, glitzy and corporate so even between branches no two are the same

You also need to consider the type of IVF you want - my clinic only does mild short protocol IVF or natural modified (whole process over in a couple of weeks compared to 6 weeks for usual IVF clinics and a lot less drugs) but I specifically wanted something more gentle

I did a cycle with PGT-a too due to recurrent miscarriage and both the blastocysts I had tested had something "wrong" with them so I guess we got our answer - I haven't bothered with testing other cycles as PGTA has been downgraded by the HFEA. Also there is some evidence that embryos can self correct and as you are not allowed to transfer "abnormal" embryos in the U.K. so you could end up with nothing to transfer

Koalabear23 Mon 11-May-20 15:38:42

Hi - looking to start private IVF with PGT-A following recurring miscarriage. I live in London and the number of clinics in London is a mind field!! Any recommendations very welcomed, struggling to tell them apart?

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