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Stephanie0 Fri 18-Sep-20 22:41:26


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Abigail24 Mon 11-May-20 22:57:02


Just reading in , I also had a ectopic and lost one tube also with PCOS , so I'm so worried I'm not going to conceive again seeing it was my first pregnancy , but they said my other tube looked healthy but I'm so convinced it will happen again if I do fall pregnant ?! how long did you have to wait for IVF after your 2nd tube was removed could I ask?

Thankyou xx

ivfgottostaypositive Sun 10-May-20 17:56:18

My tubes were found to be clear but I had bad scar tissue and adhesions from a previous c section as well as one tube being stuck to my uterus

I was lulled into a false sense of security when they said my tubes looked clear and healthy and they removed the adhesions/scarring .....I went on to have 2 ruptured near fatal ectopic
Pregnancies in 18 months and lost both tubes

I'm glad they are gone now. It felt like I was playing Russian roulette with my life every month that I tried to conceive naturally

I have to be honest and say that anyone I know who had operations on their tubes went on to have ectopics- naturally conceived ones and IVF pregnancies

Stephanie0 Sun 10-May-20 16:18:17

Myself and my partner have now been ttc for roughly two years.
After numerous appointments we found out that the tops of my Fallopian tubes are blocked by scar tissue, they said it looks like the insides of my tubes are clear, and the gynaecologist said things look stuck down?
We’re now waiting for our appointment with the specialist to hopefully see what our next steps are (I’m hoping for a laparoscopy). All other test have come back completely normal so that’s a positive.

My questions are... Has anyone else had this if so what treatment did you have for it?
Was the treatment successful?
And, how long after treatment did you conceive?

All answers are hugely appreciated smile

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