MFI: A success story (hopefully)

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MissHoney85 Sat 09-May-20 11:53:59

So after 2 years of trying and a failed round of IVF, I appear to have got pregnant naturally. (Very very early days, but a line is a line hey). We have MFI (counts of 5-6m plus low motility) so I thought I might share some of the changes we made in case they help anyone in a similar position.

1. Diet - my OH had suffered with terrible digestion for 18 years after having food poisoning. As a typical man, he just put up with it instead of seeing a doctor. In November we started to change his diet to a no gluten, low Fodmap one. It's pretty restrictive, but two months later at my egg collection his count had gone up to 12m.

2. Supplements - I put my OH on these supplements from America called FH Pro for Men. They're pricey but have everything in them, and in very good quantities. I have also been taking the women's version - also v pricey but again amazing ingredients (pretty much everything mentioned in It Starts with the Egg) and in very good amounts.

3. Timing - over my fertile period we did the deed every day. 4 days in a row was quite hard work by the end 😂 but apparently this approach is often more effective where there is MFI.

4. Loose boxers - which my OH has hated, but you never know it might have been what made the difference!

Finally (feel free to ignore this if you're not of a religious persuasion):
5. Prayer - the Verse of the Day that appeared on my phone just after my first BFP was Matthew 19:26 "in God all things are possible" 🙏

Still can't quite believe it's going to work out but it's another hurdle crossed. I hope some of these ideas might help someone else out there.

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Pinktruffle Sat 09-May-20 12:27:54

Congratulations @misshoney85. I hope you have a happy and health pregnancy!

Ashesandwine Sat 09-May-20 18:04:16

Thanks for the supplement tip! My mother has the praying covered 😂😂

I’m interested you DTD every day - I was told with low sperm count it should be every two days as sperm didn’t get enough time to replenish.

MissHoney85 Sat 09-May-20 18:20:31

@Ashesandwine yes it's a bit counterintuitive isn't it. I think it's because low sperm counts often go with poor quality sperm (e.g. low motility / morphology / possible DNA fragmentation), and the longer the sperm hang around the testicles the worse they get. I guess the total amount probably ends up being the same, but in theory better quality.

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twinkledag Sun 10-May-20 21:25:09

Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months 🌼

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