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BewilderedBee Fri 08-May-20 16:29:49

Anyone else on her had treatment with ABC. If so what cycle day did you start medication. I have my baseline ultrasound next week. I'm so excited to be getting things going. Hoping I can start treatment on my next cycle xx

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adelya Sat 09-May-20 14:41:48

Hey, just wondered which abc you’re with? I am really keen to start fet and emailed them twice, but heard nothing back (apart from automated response). I’ve got pcos and my cycles are very unpredictable and long... so freaking out that going to miss my next cycle sad

BewilderedBee Sat 09-May-20 21:13:47

@adelya I'm with Manchester. Give them a ring, I phoned today and they answered my call xx

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