Help please - Post D&C Ashermans?

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User43210 Wed 06-May-20 18:15:20

Hi all,

I had a miscarriage a few months ago and had to have a couple of D&Cs about 6 weeks apart as there were still RPOC after my first. The second one was with a hysteroscopy.

About 5.5 weeks after my second D&C my AF returned, I had pain for about 4 days before, then brown spotting for one day, two days medium bleed then one day light bleed (I was preparing for a really heavy one as I've heard that's standard)

I'm on the second day of my second cycle and it's medium again, at best.

Prior to BC (we're talking years ago) I was heavy 5-7 days in a row.

I'm hoping for some advice as to whether it could be likely that I have Ashermans Syndrome or if it's standard for them to get lighter around now.

We're already TTC and I just hope we're not wasting time as AS would mean I couldn't conceive. sad

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physicskate Wed 06-May-20 19:29:37

It's not unusual for periods to become lighter as you get a bit older. I had 2-3 days with one day medium flow and had great lining when I did ivf.

It doesn't necessarily mean asherman's...

HelloBambinos Wed 06-May-20 20:52:23

This had been a concern of mine though I've had scans and they say all is okay just a thin lining like it would be after a period is finished and it's not thickening.
I had a d&c August last year for RPOC following a miscarriage in June (I had also become septic so was admitted for the emergency surgery and iv antibiotics) but I haven't had a cycle since.. Not one spot of blood just two follow up scans as no return of cycle which show the thin lining and everything else appears to be normal (overies etc) also has full bloodwork done including FSH and all are normal. it's heartbreaking, I just want my cycle back. I feel like I can't move one at the moment. I have lost a lot of weight after the surgery so perhaps that is causing it so I'm trying to gain some back now and see how that goes.
What I'm trying to say is you aren't alone and this can be completely normal and the fact you're having periods is great. I've had the scans etc so no ashermans but still not having periods yet though have been told after everything that's happened it can take up to a year to regulate. I will be due another scan once this pandemic is over so fingers crossed. I hope this reassures you a little as it can be expected after a miscarriage and d&c, though it doesn't make it any easier.

User43210 Wed 06-May-20 20:53:17

@physicskate I was hoping it was something like that but when you're worrying about waiting six months to a year to find that something else is wrong, I think the panic can escalate. Hopefully you're right, thank you so much for easing the worry a bit!

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User43210 Wed 06-May-20 20:59:24

@HelloBambinos so sorry to hear that! sad sometimes some moral support gives a more positive outlook! I did read somewhere, although may be mistaken, that you would need a hysteroscopy, not a scan, so see the scar tissue. My specialist even mentioned before my second D&C that she would be be able to see any scar tissue on a scan unless it was quite drastic so would be no point to use as a check up. Might be worth looking into?
I feel so bad for you! The five week wait was bad enough, I've been going through this since my MMC at the start of the year, I couldn't imagine waiting as long as you. Hopefully it will be back this month, and you won't have to wait a full year. It's such a shame there doesn't appear to be ways to speed up the body and people think it helps to say "the body needs time" etc when you just want to move on.

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HelloBambinos Wed 06-May-20 21:17:51

Sorry my mistake I did know that. I'm due to have further investigations but they mentioned as you said they could see it on a scan if it was severe and as my lining was so thin but in proportion all along they said they have no indicators or concern for it but will do a further investigation to put my mind at rest. Sorry a lots been happening and my mind is all over the place regarding this so I'm not articulating myself as best as I should be, apologies. The instruments used now for d&c is a gentle suction method not the scraping that they used to do (I work alongside the obstetric consultant who carried out my surgery as I'm a midwifery student) this method is a lot safer and another reason they said ashermans is not a concern of theirs as the chances of it occurring are near impossible (their words) though I'm pushing for the further investigation just incase. When I came off the combined pill before I didn't have a cycle for 9 months so hormones play a massive role and this is hopefully just another case of mine needing to level out and being kick started again after what's happened. Having a miscarriage then having unknown retained products for over 6 weeks to then developing sepsis and having the surgery is bound to throw my hormones out of wack.. Also previous to the pregnancy I had only had 2 cycles after finishing breastfeeding my youngest and they were both longer at 56 days apart rather than 33 as normal for me yet I still became pregnant so hopefully it's just my body recovering from everything but we will see. Not that I'm happy anyone else has to go through this but the support is nice and also nice to know we aren't alone. I'm always here to talk to or vent to as I find others just don't get how worrying this is. It's easy for others to say 'just relax, you'll be fine' but it's so hard and worrying. I just want my regular cycle back so I feel like I can finally move on from the miscarriage.

User43210 Thu 07-May-20 09:16:04

It's understandable! That's a relief to hear it's unlikely for you, but goof that they will investigate further. I read somewhere that there was no significant correlation to prove that the suction is less likely to cause adhesions, but I do hope you're right, although not sure what was done during my two. I also read that by having a second D&C your chance of Ashermans's becomes about 30% which is what concerns me the most. As I didn't have an infection after my second one (I recovered a lot quicker) they said it's unlikely to have formed any, so I am hopeful, I just think that until I successfully carry to term, I will constantly be worried. Sounds like you've been through the wars in a different way to me, it's been awful.

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HelloBambinos Thu 07-May-20 16:58:10

The thing with research is it depends on the quality of the research carried out as in what other factors were involved how many women why ages what techniques and instruments were used etc for me I try to listen to the obstetricians that carried out the surgery but it's different as I work with them and trust them so I feel confident with what they are saying that the liklihood of ashermans is very slim with that technique and I understand how many factors can alter the outcome it's hard not to go to worst case scenario I think it's more to do with trying to find a reason with whats happening really its like I just want an explanation I wish I could look into the future and know what the situation is and whether I'll be able to carry another child it's really hard to deal with especially when my whole job revolves around pregnancy I can't escape and I feel like less of a woman at the moment as crazy as it seems. Do you ever feel that way?

Crumpet22 Wed 24-Jun-20 19:23:23

Hi, I am looking for help and advice from anyone who may be going through a similar experience to me please.

I had a D and C at 12 weeks on April 2018. Since then straight away afterwards I noticed a significant change in my periods. I used to be 5 days (heavy flow - needed to use super tampons and pads) and now they only last 2 days (light flow - only use pads). They have been like this for 2 years now, I haven't tried to conceive again as that relationship ended and I'm honestly terrified about something being wrong which may lead me to have miscarriages etc.

I have booked a consultation with Mr Adrian Lower in London who is a specialist in Ashermans (this is after months and months of having trouble getting any info on this and being dismissed by other doctors saying there was nothing to worry about even though my body has clearly changed straight away after the procedure).
I am considering having a hysterosalpingogram to examine for any damage and then a hysteroscopy to divide any scarring if it (most likely there).

Has anyone else been through this? If so were you able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy? I'm so depressed and worried.

Thanks in advance.

User43210 Wed 01-Jul-20 20:42:47

@HelloBambinos sorry I never got a notification to your reply.
Yes I feel exactly like that!!! I actually got pregnant at the end of May and lost it a few days later. I spoke with the consultant for the first time to discuss my AS concerns and she told me my first op was gentle suction and my second was was cutting but with ultrasound (I think she said) and a hysteroscopy part way through. She said the second surgeon was very skilled and that she really doesn't think I would have AS. She told me to ring them the next time I get pregnant - which is this cycle. I have my fingers crossed I don't start bleeding but I have a lot of aches and pains coming and going so I'm nervous (I did suffer like this with my original pregnancy, so may be similar). I just wish I could find out sooner what will happen!

@Crumpet22 I haven't been through it but from my research, yes it is treatable and you can go on to conceive perfectly well! Best of luck!

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