I Want my period back :(

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Herjbr26 Mon 04-May-20 23:48:04

Hi I was wondering if and looking for advice I started the pill about July 2018 - April/may 2019 I have had the first “fake period” that u get when u finish the pill then I went a while without the had one in June my prom. then I spotted in August and September I think and November I had brown discharge for 2/3 days then I had the same discharge 21-24th April but the first day it was pink (I have a photo of if needed) then got a little red in it then went brown (also have a picture of it) when I checked my knickers and have had nothing since then, is this normal? and any advice how to regulate/get my period back? I’m not pregnant as I took a test I just don’t fancy going to the doctor I have bad anxiety and don’t want to be getting needles and tested unless I really need to ! I was just seeing if you know anything to bring it back? Before I do end up having to book an appointment many thanks.

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Pearofwisdom Tue 05-May-20 06:59:52

Same happened to me, came off in Jan, fake period and then nothing until September.
I had read vitamin b12 deficiency could cause it. Started taking berocca, got 1 period and then got pregnant 2 weeks later.

Could be total coincidence. Hope you figure it out.

Herjbr26 Tue 05-May-20 14:07:47

Thanks so much 😊x

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HelloBambinos Wed 06-May-20 20:31:25

Hey hope you're okay. I had the same when I came off the pill previously it took 9 months for my proper period to return I just had brown spotting, perhaps the tiniest streak of red for 2/3 days when my period would be due then nothing until the same. The next month.. After that 9th month they became regular again though I had been on the pill for a few years. Taking evwnkng primrose oil until you would be due to ovulate (so say there is 28 days between the spotting take evening primrose oil for 2 weeks after spotting finishes) and a vitamin B complex all the time can help nourish and aid in the return of your cycle and a better lutel phase as well. It was worrying when it happened but at least you know your aren't alone and it's happened to others.

Herjbr26 Thu 07-May-20 00:46:22

@HelloBambinos thanks so much! 🥰 means a lot !x

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