Low Estrogen at 25

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RedFootGreen Sat 02-May-20 16:40:25

Has anyone else had this problem? My periods began to get lighter and lighter and I now don't have periods at all. Last one was a year ago. Due to COVID my specialist appointment was cancelled.

Has anyone got low Estrogen and TTC? Is it really as bad as google say? I don't think it's early menopause because I have non of the other symptoms to indicate that.

Can you conceive with HRT? 😭

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Leah89 Mon 04-May-20 14:28:17

Have you been to the doctor? If not, please don't stress yourself out by self diagnosing on Google - I did and it was very bad for my mental health.

Please get yourself checked out - as it says on the news, the NHS is still open! smile

All the best xxx

EarlGreyT Mon 04-May-20 14:52:48

What’s your FSH? your oestradiol level is meaningless without a FSH done at the same time.

Sbar Thu 03-Sep-20 12:56:32


Did you manage to get an appointment in the end?

I came if the pill in november and my "periods" have been soooo light compared to before, and are now being more irregular.

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