Question re Embryo Grading

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twinkledag Sun 10-May-20 21:23:23

My only successful transfer was a 4BB frozen embryo and I've had 7 transfers. Good luck 🌼

user1471592953 Sun 10-May-20 13:54:20

Initial grading is done on looks alone so it doesn’t give you any information on whether the embryo is going to develop into a healthy baby.

MrsLouB Tue 05-May-20 16:23:24

thanks ladies that made me feel better, i just hope the last one survives the defrost now x

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ivfgottostaypositive Fri 01-May-20 21:16:57

The grading part is really only for the clinics to determine which is good enough to freeze (and survive thaw) and which to prioritise for transfer than anything else - if it's good enough to survive that then it's good enough to implant and become a baby

I know lots of people who didn't have success with aa grade embryos but did with bc grades.

I did do PGS testing on my second round and haven't bothered since - it's been downgraded by the HFEA recently which means no real evidence is increases success rates as they only take cells from the placenta and not the baby. Also a lot of women on the PGS groups im a member of had their supposed top quality "a" grades come back abnormal and their lowest quality come back genetically normal x

fool11 Fri 01-May-20 16:31:05

Hi @MrsLouB..i had my ivf in Oct (first and only try as i'm 45), we got 11eggs, 10 fertilised, all were still going on day 5, had 5BB and 5BC put back in and currently 27w pregnant with one..we were extremely lucky. Rest of them didn't make it, so there was nothing to freeze. We didn't go for the PGS testing, i knew we are going to try only once, as a last chance, and i was worried that if they will all come back as not suitable etc, i won't be able to even we decided not to test and just try. I hope it will work for you this time. wish you all the best.

MrsLouB Fri 01-May-20 10:04:29

Hi All,

So we are about to start (when they officially open) our 3rd and final IVF try our 2FET. Now when i have egg collection etc we came out with to A grade and one high C.

The A on fresh transfer was BFN and the FET A was a BFP but early MC.

So i am of course apprehensive with this being our last try we have been on this rolla coaster of TTC for 14 years and we have to draw a line under it both mentally and financially.

I have been optomistic in rgeards to it as it worked once etc, but then DH about the grading and i guess as its not a great graded embryo does that bring your chances down at all?

Ive heard that although the grading is not top no one can tell the genetics unless PGS testing and that gives them all the same chance?

Sorry just needed to talk about it really x

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