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Short protocol / mild ivf

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BewilderedBee Sun 26-Apr-20 00:29:41

Just wondered if anyone on here has any experience of mild ivf / short protocol with normal AMH levels. My AMH was 23 and I am 31 years old. We are unexplained with all results coming back normal.

I've read short protocol is usually for women with low AMH, or women who haven't responded so well to long protocol.

Feeling very fed up of waiting for NHS and exploring create as an option. Mild ivf really appeals due to less drugs, focus on quality and the cost.

I just wondered if anyone else similar to me has tried it.

physicskate Sun 26-Apr-20 03:04:03

I had short protocol (which isn't the same thing as mild, as with mild you have very low doses of the ivf drugs). I had it as they predicted I would produce a large number of eggs. I was on a (relatively, for non-mild ivf) low dose of drugs and got 18 eggs, 13 mature.

ivfgottostaypositive Sun 26-Apr-20 07:21:15

I did short protocol (I suppose you could say mild but I was on the same dose of stims as friends doing long protocol) - I have "average" AMH for my age - 12.9 at age 36. Both cycles I got 14 eggs. I found it great - whole thing over in 2 weeks minimal symptoms and I got 3 blastocysts in first and 2 on the second. None led to successful pregnancy unfortunately.

I'm with Create.

My first 2 cycle however showed my egg quality was rubbish with less than 30% fertilisation rate even with ICSI so I moved to natural modified IVF with Create so even less stims (start later in cycle and only every other day). That has massively increased my quality and I have the best quality blastocysts frozen ready to transfer that I have ever had

Short protocol IVF over 2 cycles - 28 eggs - 5 average quality blastocysts

Natural modified IVF over 2 cycles - 9 eggs - 4 top quality blastocysts

Create also have some really good discounts at the moment for new patients

ivfgottostaypositive Sun 26-Apr-20 07:22:23

Short protocol is also good for those at risk of OHSS too who might produce too many eggs under conventional long protocol IVF

BewilderedBee Sun 26-Apr-20 11:02:13

Thanks all. @ivfgottostaypositive - thank you I've been reading lots of your responses on these boards and it's really helpful. I have read some say that mild ivf with create is similar to short protocol as the medication doses aren't actually that low but somewhere near to what other clinics use. Looking forward to my consultation now and can ask more about this with them x

Pinktruffle Sun 26-Apr-20 12:12:03

I had short protocol due to having PCOS so I was at high risk of OHSS. I'm 36 but no idea of my AMH. I was on the lowest dose of drugs and found that the injections etc were fine, it was all over in 2 and a half weeks and I had very little side effects. I got 14 eggs, 11 fertilised and 9 got to day 5. One was transferred and I'm currently 9+4 and praying all goes well with the pregnancy. I had three top quality blasto's that are currently frozen.

kikisparks Sun 03-May-20 08:27:33

My AMH is 27 and I’m being put on the short protocol with the lowest dose of drugs that my clinic does (once treatment starts up again). They put everyone with AMH of 25+ on this, at least for the first cycle, because of the risk of OHSS, I’m sure if your AMH was just below and you asked then it would be an option.

Woodcottage1 Sun 03-May-20 08:33:55

I’m currently pregnant on my second round of Ivf, really feel like I’ve lucked out. Both normal ivf, but second time round went for it with the supplements and got one normal Pgs which was implanted and currently growing. Please please please go to town with the supplements from it’s all about the egg book and try and chill out 👍

BewilderedBee Fri 08-May-20 16:42:45

@ivfgottostaypositive what cycle day did you start your medication on? If you don't mind me asking. We had our consultation yesterday, baseline scan is on Weds. my period is due approx 21st. Just wondering is it too short of timescale to start on my next cycle. Given that we'd need our medication to arrive etc. Thanks in advance x

Pinktruffle Fri 08-May-20 17:02:38

I was on short protocol and started my medication on Day 3 of my period @BewilderedBee

BewilderedBee Fri 08-May-20 17:07:02

Thanks @Pinktruffle xxx

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