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Infertility & in Coventry

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Yas32 Mon 20-Apr-20 03:42:59

Hi, im 34 & we have been TTC for 2 years this month.

I wanted to see if there is anyone who is close & wanted someone to chst to about their infertility. I find it difficult to talk to my husband because we both become very emotional & sometimes i wish i had someone to talk to about this whole situation. Sometimes i feel like im going mad, cant sleep, over eat but need to lose weight

Really appreciate it if someone would respond.


Coreblimy Mon 20-Apr-20 08:31:41

Hey I'm not in Coventry, I'm in Oxfordshire and am in a very similar situation. Had the worst sleep I've had in a long time last night because of all this. I was thinking of asking if anyone was around the area who wanted a someone to chat to. It's very lonely and the people I used to be able to speak to are now expecting.

Hope you get a response from someone x

Yas32 Mon 20-Apr-20 11:39:06

Hi, i didnt sleep until 4.30am because my hubby woke up & patted me to sleep.

It feels like the lonliest thing in the world. I am currently sporting panda eyes and feeling very sluggish.
It feels like the end of the world & i cant carry on. Its so frustrating honestly. I try to forget but my world & life are standstill.

Im sorry you are going through this difficult time.
Thankfully i have limited people around & noone i see is pregnant so im not dealing with that. Dont know how i would feel if it was in my face.

How long have you been trying?

Coreblimy Mon 20-Apr-20 12:01:25

Two years almost to the day. Unexplained fertility and we're both 33. It is really shit, and the reality of the situation is really starting to sink in now, especially as my HyCoSy was due to take place this Wednesday and that got cancelled sharpish.

Still, not having pregnant people around doesn't change how hard it is for you both. Did you have any treatment lined up?

Yas32 Tue 21-Apr-20 00:39:21

I had my hycosy months ago now. The only meds im currently taking is bromocriptine to ensure i ovulate. Hycosy came back all clear & well. My husbands sperm quality is the issue for us.
Its 2 years for us too this month and im 34, hubby is 35.
Im due a weight check in June to see if my BMI has come down but it wont have bec all i do is eat sad

We started trying as soon as we got married bec we were both in our 30s and desperately wanted to start a family.
I wouldnt change my husband for the world. I always tell him id choose him & be childless than be with another man & have children but it still hurts.
Ive been looking at my faith for answers anything but its so tough to hear somethings such as patience & God has a plan so bare with etc etc
Its getting to the point where i am frustrated at the lack of control i have on my life, it feels like im stuck in the same head space as i was a year ago and all the fun and life has been drained out of me.

Feels nice messaging you, thank you so sooooo much & i will remember you in my baby wishes.

Coreblimy Tue 21-Apr-20 10:59:58

It sounds as though you're having a really tough time of it. I'm sorry that you're in this situation; there's nothing that can really be said by anyone to make it any better. I get rubbish advice all the time from people who got pregnant in the first few months, and understand how frustrating platitudes can be.

I don't know if God has a plan. This has certainly made question my faith.

It's been nice messaging you too. I really hope it works for you both x

Yas32 Tue 21-Apr-20 11:13:20

I read up & did lots of research into hycosy, i found it uncomfortable but for the most part i was very emotional. Be sure to tske the day off work so you can relax after its done. I bled a little after it was done so take a pad with you. My husband wasnt allowed to come with me and it took approx 30mins. Ive also read that it can clear any blockages in your tubes & people have become pregnant after this so i pray thats the case for you & you have your hycosy as soon as possible.
Do you have appointments 6 monthly? We do & its quite frustrating having to wait so long. I will be 35 in Feb and ive told my husband i want to adopt if nothings happened by then.
We have looked into adoption and chosen a company to go with if we do adopt.
The silver lining for me at the moment is not having a child in this madness, it would make me very anxious if i had a baby. If be scared all the time bec of the coronavirus.

I think i should go and make lunch now LOL
Im starving

My names Yas whats yours?

Coreblimy Tue 21-Apr-20 14:15:14

I've PM'd you smile

jolly86 Wed 29-Apr-20 17:30:16

Hi I am also in the area. My husband's test - he went to the coventry hospital- came out as low sperm, low motility and low morphology like 4 weeks ago.. So now we need to wait for clinics to reopen and in june if possible by then do a second test.
I am trying a lot to improve our diet and exercise in the meantime. I also feel depressed as to how unlucky the situation is-- like how come everyone finds it so easy to get pregnant and several times even .. and my colleagues complaining that it's so difficult to work with kids under lockdown and they need special treatment.

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