It starts with the egg - help please!

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twinkledag Thu 16-Apr-20 12:25:24

Does anyone have the book that can do me a favour? I have the audio book but it doesn't say what it is which chapter!

I need to know the supplements recommended on the advanced plan. Can someone tell me what chapter that is in? Or even better post a picture of the list?

Would be so helpful, thank you!

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Andthenyou Thu 16-Apr-20 13:57:02

See attached - I think this is the one you need?

twinkledag Thu 16-Apr-20 18:12:50

Perfect thank you so much! 🌼🌼🌼🌼

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Leala20 Fri 17-Apr-20 19:57:48

If you google the author has a website with all supplements onlinesmile used it when I was out shopping and forgot the list!

Sunshine015 Sat 18-Apr-20 09:55:21

Could these supplements have a negative effect.
The reason I ask is I followed the advanced plan strictly and ended up with my worst IVF cycle.
Now I am still taking the supplements, but have become a bit hesitant

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