4 miscarriages - is there any hope?!

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recurrentmiscarrier Wed 15-Apr-20 14:09:05

Hello everyone - I am a longtime lurker on these threads. Currently going through my 4th miscarriage (not consecutive). I have a dd (14months). I had 2 before her and now this is the 2nd after. I have pcos and was on clomid before xmas, bfp in march but its not meant to be.

I suppose im just asking has anyone had any positive outcome even after 2+ miscarriages? My only hope is that I have my dd so I know my body can but other than that I cant seem to get past 6 weeks. Specialist has prescribed me prednisolone to take should I get a bfp again (i already take clexane, low dose aspirin, 5mg folic acid and thyroxine to keep my thyroid stable)

Anyone?! I feel so lonely and hopeless and every time i build myself up after a bfp it comes crashing down again.

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twinkledag Wed 15-Apr-20 16:37:55

My friend has had 6 miscarriage and now has 2 children. She blogged about the treatment she received:


Good luck 🌼

recurrentmiscarrier Wed 15-Apr-20 17:18:11

Thank yiu so much I have alreasy read this is anazing!

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recurrentmiscarrier Wed 15-Apr-20 18:58:31


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Wintersun13 Thu 16-Apr-20 00:29:54

So sorry to hear about your recurrent miscarriages.

Your consultant is really the best suited to answer your question. Have you had tests done to try and pinpoint the reason for the miscarriages ? Were you able to get any genetic testing done or maybe the pregnancy was not far enough along for that to be an option ?

The short answer to your question is, of course there is hope. The fact that you have a daughter is very hopeful already. After 3+ miscarriages you are highly more likely to have further miscarriages, but if you're able to pinpoint the reason and treat it, that'll be a huge step forward already.

I am not a doctor but I see the following facts :

- you do get pregnant so ovulation isn't the issue
- you've been pregnant 5 times altogether so fertilisation is not the issue. This also means that mfi is less likely (though sperm tests should still be done to rule it out completely).
- you said you usually lose the pregnancy around 6wk so implantation isn't the issue either.
- Egg quality could be a factor but I think that's not likely because if that was the problem you'd probably have chemicals, not miscarriages.

With this ruled out my first thought was a genetic issue that prevents the embryo from developping as it should. So genetic testing would be a good idea if it can be done. Maybe you can ask your consultant about it and any other tests available ? Do you know anything about your family's medical history that suggests any genetic issues, or your partner's ?

After 4 miscarriages I believe in the UK people can get referred for tests on the NHS ? Sorry if I got that wrong, I'm not british. The current situation obviously makes that more difficult.

Best of luck OP, this is really tough.

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