Hypothyroidism and infertility- Did you conceive?

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ShimmyShimmy82 Tue 14-Apr-20 19:28:59

Hi, sorry this might have already been covered. Has anyone had issues with infertility as a result of an underactive thyroid?. Been ttc for 3 years, all tests done and came back fine, except TSH levels which were over 5 at one point. On meds for it and waiting for levels to come down. Has anyone had a similar experience and conceived soon after levels were low?

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Iwouldbecomplex Tue 14-Apr-20 21:05:45

My thyroid is a little underactive (can't remember exact levels) and when I was discussing it with my clinic I was told a slightly under active thyroid is good for ivf and they didn't want me to treat it because of that. I went away and googled it and found some corresponding research. Not sure if yours is too under active but just something to be aware of smile

ShimmyShimmy82 Tue 14-Apr-20 23:23:19

Ok thats interesting thanks. smile IVF is an option for us too and we're not ruling it out but it might still be possible for us to conceive naturally once my levels are below 2.5. Tired of the waiting game!

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CeibaTree Fri 17-Apr-20 13:03:04

I have conceived three time since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The important thing for fertility is to have your TSH reading at 2 or under. Anything higher can impact your fertility - this was according the endocrinologist I saw when pregnant with DC1.

ceebee21 Mon 20-Apr-20 07:56:58

Hello, I have a very underactive thyroid... i have been on meds a few years but tbh, only got checked once a year and didnt really think about it.

I fell pregnant first month of trying, but it ended in a MMC, my TSH atv6 weeks was over 10!!

This was last August, have since had two chemical pregnancies and just got another BFP....fingers crossed.

My last blood test was 2 weeks ago, and TSH down to 0.66.

So my problem seems to be no problem in conceiving, but not being able to keep it.

It affects everyone differently though and some do struggle conceiving without it being at the right level xx

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