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lol2015 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:14:24

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with pcos in 2015 and have since been ttc (mc in 2016) but no luck
My weight has always been on the heavy side which I am working on, just wondered if anyone was in the same situation and had any advice for best diets etc

Thanks smile

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LouiseTrees Mon 13-Apr-20 21:51:49

@lol2015 are you a member of the pcos Facebook groups? (There are two big ones in the UK).Lots of things in there on diet.

ForeverHopeful67 Mon 13-Apr-20 23:12:57

I have recently been diagnosed with pcos and have been told that low carb would be beneficial due to the way our bodies struggle to absorb insulin.

A lot of people refer to Keto too smile

Hope this helps

LouiseTrees Mon 13-Apr-20 23:28:11

Re the trying to conceive, go caffeine free. Agree with past posters the diets,

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