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orangeflamingo1 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:07:30

I've been exploring options given I'm guess NHS ivf won't be about any time soon
Is ABC clinic just the type of IVF where you 'just' get your regular egg removed fertilised and the popped back...therefore not getting opportunity for best egg selection and options for frozen embryos etc

I know they use 'less drugs' but can't get my head round it all.
thanks for any experiences you can share xx

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lovelydream Fri 10-Apr-20 07:59:41

I'm with Create which is the sister clinic - ABC is cheaper as it is nurse led I believe compared to consultant but it still gives job the full range of IVF treatment (except long protocol - Create and ABC don't do down reg) - you will still get all the scans / blood tests / they'll go for as many follicles as they can etc / embryology and freezing of any spares

Also have a look at Creates website - they've got a really good discount running at the moment x

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