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Sunshine015 Thu 02-Apr-20 19:42:44

Hi All.

I have just finished my third cycle of IVF which unfortunately ended with no viable embryos to transfer.

In my first attempt we did a long protocol and had 11eggs with a Day 3 transfer resulting in a BFN as they were poor quality.
On my second attempt we switched to a short protocol, had 8 eggs with a day 5 transfer of embryos failing to reach blastocyst and another BFN.

This time it was a long protocol again but we changed our diets, introduced the vitamins which have been recommended in “it starts with an egg”and had Accupunture treatments. So I was upset to find we only collected four eggs and of these eggs only one fertilised. This embryo didn’t get past day 1 and didn’t divide.

My consultant now is suggesting egg donor, but I am only 31years old so I don’t feel ready for that yet.
I am so confused as I just don’t know what I can do to improve my egg quality.

I want to see what other consultants suggest so wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I am in Birmingham but happy to travel around the U.K.

Thanks all x

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Thu 02-Apr-20 20:34:20

Who is your current clinic with?

I'm with Create Birmingham and have found them really good and stuck with them through what will be 5 rounds so far.

What made you go down the IVF route at such a young age? Were you trying for a couple of years with no luck? It's very unusual to get such poor results at your age? I'm 36 and my egg quality is rubbish too but we've been slowing paring back the drugs on each cycle and now doing natural modified IVF and getting the best quality embryos we've ever had. (I'm doing a 3 cycle package this time so can't transfer until complete the 3rd one)

I decided to go for a more natural IVF after 2 rounds last year when I was getting 14 eggs but less than 30% fertilisation even with ICSI and then not great quality blastocysts (although one transfer out of three did result in a BFP it was a ruptured ectopic). Create we're really supportive in trying a different regime with me x

Sunshine015 Thu 02-Apr-20 20:54:50

Hi @itwasalovelydreamwhileitlastedI am at the Priory.
We had been trying for about a year and then went for some checkups to find I had very bad endrometriosis. They then operated on this and suggested I try IVF as it looked like my tubes were also damaged.
May I ask what is modified IVF and 3 cycle package?

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Fri 03-Apr-20 06:07:30

Natural modified is really low dose IVF - no down reg, take estrogen tablets from cycle day 3 and only 150ml bemfola every OTHER day - they collect a lot fewer eggs but for me concentrating on fewer follicles has meant much much better quality

The 3 cycle package means you have 3 egg collections before doing a transfer - it's cheaper that way. Because it's low dose drugs you can cycle back to back with no breaks in between. Mine cost £13.5k including 3 lots of ICSI and all the drugs. It includes freezing storage and 1 transfer x

Sunshine015 Sat 04-Apr-20 00:06:42

Ah ok thank you I will look into this.

Any other clinic recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance all x

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