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lou99x Tue 31-Mar-20 22:25:31


I have been off my contracetjve pill for 12 months now- so 12 months trying

Had various tests at my GP
No sign of PCOS or anything else - seems to be I am not ovulation as I've had day 21 progesterone blood tests!

There is no medication I can buy to help me ovulate, and do I've been referred to the fertility clinic but it's a long wait, can anyone recommend fertility clinics in the north west that I can enquire about?

And does anyone know how this works , will I get a consultation and then be referred back to NHS or will I have to continue to go private and how much are me and my partner looking at? I really do want a bag and all this is very new to me so any advice would help smile

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leckford Tue 31-Mar-20 22:29:55

Private hospitals have been taken over by the NHS for the duration of the virus treatment. Don’t know about these clinics

Lauren83 Wed 01-Apr-20 05:37:29

You can choose to have a consultation and initial investigations privately (approx £500-£600) in a Northwest clinic and continue privately if you wish, although clinics are either closed or offering phone consultations at the moment. They can't refer you to the NHS for fertility treatment but can give you the findings to pass on to your GP or make suggestions for onward referrals that your GP can make.

It won't usually however help speed anything up on the NHS as they tend to have a system you need to go through that includes the initial tests again, Have you looked to see if your CCG has contracts with any private clinics? A lot do and would mean you could be referred to the private clinic and then start investigations and treatment once they are fully open again. Most private clinics have no waiting lists for NHS patients although I anticipate this changing in the future due to the back log

Dot457 Wed 01-Apr-20 15:29:07

Hello. I'm not in the North West as we live in Yorkshire but we've just finished a cycle of IVF with ABC in Manchester/ Wilmslow which is closer to you. We only paid £195 for our consultation and it was £2.5k for the full package, we also paid an extra £1k for our embryos freezing.I have copied the link below for you to look at the criteria.

We had an amazing experience with them from start to finish, I thought we had a brilliant cycle on our 1st round with the NHS but since going private I've realised that we've had an amazing cycle this time around and if this didnt work for us this time, I wouldnt go anywhere else. If you want to know anything else from me let me know, happy to share my experience further if you like xx

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