Been trying for 3 years

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Guest91 Tue 31-Mar-20 17:15:44

I was on the pill for around five years and then me and my husband decided to start trying. I’m am nearly in my 30’s and nothing as of yet sad. Have been using conceive plus products. Has anyone else struggled for this long and fall pregnant? Thankyou smile

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Hoping1 Tue 31-Mar-20 17:47:23

Hi @Guest91 I was on pill for about 13 years . I am so 30 and been trying for 3 years we went to docs after year of trying . When to a fertility clinic for year. Then put on ivf waiting list was just about to have ivf the boom covid 19 come and stopped everything. So here we are again waiting. Hospital recommended things for partner to take to boost his man stuff. I have jyst spent 100 on a clear blue firtility monitor . Just to feel like we doing something until ivf can happen again. We take supplements too. Fingers crossed it happens . Have you been to docs xxx

Guest91 Tue 31-Mar-20 17:57:40

Sorry to hear that! That was my next step before this virus kicked off so hoping to get an appointment soon! What was the stuff the doctor recommended for your husband? I wasn’t going to use any chat rooms but my period was four days late, got our hopes up as usually on time and then today boom sad. I thought it’ll be good to talk to other people who are going through the same thing xx

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Hoping1 Tue 31-Mar-20 18:02:58

That has happened to me aload of time your body can be so cruel. As soon as you can after all this calms down go to docs as you wait alot. Hospital advised proxeeds reviews are really good about it it is £40 but hopefully be worth it. I ready a book called started with an egg that a good read all about supplements and stuff. I like these chat room because people truly understand what you going tho. Have you got app to track periods that calculate when ovulate or do you do ovulation sticks or anything like that xxx

Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 31-Mar-20 18:12:55

I stopped taking the pill just before we got married as it wasn’t agreeing with me at all and both DH were happy that if we fell pregnant it would be fine. We then had a year of not stopping from trying eg no birth control but no regimented sex etc. Then after a year of that we started to worry a bit as it wasn’t happening so had a year of ovulation testing bbt temping and timing sex etc. That didn’t work either so in total we tried for about 3 years before seeking help. Turns out my husband suffers from Male factor infertility and we weren’t going to get pregnant without some help. Started ivf last April and due a baby imminently.

My DH took the following supplements which helped him:
Wellman conception tablets
1000mgh of vit c
200mg co enzyme q10

I took:
Wilkos own brand pregnancy vitamins
200mg co enzyme q10

We both ate healthy and exercised well. DH also wore loose boxers and tries to keep his laptop off his knee.

Who knows if any of it actually
Helped but we did see an improvement in DH sperm quality from the sperm analysis we had. You need at least 3 Months for vitamins to take effect.

I know it’s shit right now but if
You could order online vitamins that might help? I also read ‘it starts with the egg’ which had lots of good advice in.

Good luck

BingBong2020 Tue 31-Mar-20 21:27:53

Sadly I am in your boat but longer. 5.5 years.

Try watching this youtubers videos x

I think she's lovely and really helpful

Also try the book it starts with an egg xxx

Wishing you all the best smile

Elouera Tue 31-Mar-20 21:36:38

We have TTC 9yrs with 2 losses. What testing have you and OH had done? I only started TTC about age 32 and it was a fight to have any testing done. Initially told to relax and not stress. Told I'd need another GP appointment after a week because I was 1 week off the 12mth minimal time for testing! Finally had a blood test and told it was normal- no further testing offered at all! I've since learnt that this is not the way it should go, and further tests should have been done.

Long story short, I've just had IVF and got BFP yesterday. After my previous losses, I'm well aware that this is very early days, and I'm now in my early 40's, so the chances are much higher of MC again. If we get there though, esp with corona, it will be a little miracle!

Don't give up hope. I know you don't want to hear it, but in your 20's is a great place to be because you are still young, and not geriatric like I am! Definitely ask for further testing, because its been 3yrs. They should offer testing at your age after only 2 yrs TTC. Best of luck xxx


Elouera Tue 31-Mar-20 21:43:33

I'd read several research articles about lycopene (found naturally in tomatoes) can help sperm quality. There isn't much data about the exact dose, but I bought OH 'mens multi essentials' by nutri advance on amazon, as they were one of the few mens supplement containing lycopene. OH had only 1 previous semen analysis over 18mths ago, but it was ever so slightly low for 2 of the measurements (cannot recall which though). It was also possibly as he was getting over an illness and were told it could have been the cause.

I assumed that during the IVF, we might need ICSI, where they physically inject the sperm into the egg, but were told his swimmers looked great. All looked normal, and they let them fertilise naturally themselves. I cannot say whether those tablets helped, but his sperm quality has certainly improved somehow.

Mimba1 Thu 02-Apr-20 17:29:45

@Guest91 We were trying for about 2.5 years: 1 year not really trying, 1 year of me testing (ovulation + BBT) and calculating and pretending to be "in the mood" on the right day and 6 months of us both timing it together (we actually starting scheduling sex on Google calendar at one point! I know that's not normal...)

We got referred for infertility testing in Sept 2019. DH tests came back OK, mine said I don't ovulate every month. I was just going back for the next set of tests when we got PG on month 31!

We took vitamins throughout and gave up alcohol entirely. We only did two things different that month:

1- we ditched all the tests and just had sex every other day on advice of our fertility nurse (fun in theory but actually an exhausting logistical nightmare).

2 - used pre-seed lube. I only had vague recollections of what EWCM looked like (sorry to be graphic) from my 20s so thought this might help keep the little guys alive in there a bit longer (no idea if that makes any scientific sense!)

We miscarried in January at 8 weeks but I just found out I am PG again - maybe my system needed a kickstart or something. I don't know if that helps. I wish you all the luck in the world - it's been horrid, especially now with everyone at home and talking about their kids on every conference call!

almondmagnummum Fri 03-Apr-20 04:55:59

Hiya! Best of luck to you guys. I'm also in 'that boat' 34 months here and no problems according to fertility clinic x

Hoping1 Tue 07-Apr-20 13:08:47

Been on the fertility monitor this month just have to feel like we doing something now ivf on hold been getting high so just waiting for peak. We been on supplement for a long time too. Lockdown seems to be making us have more sex as we relax from work. Fingers crossed something got to give xxxx

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