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EL8888 Tue 31-Mar-20 15:28:32

Anyone else sick of the post on Mumsnet and on Facebook etc about how “easy” people with no children must be finding the lockdown and how hard it is for those with children etc? How people with no children must have lots of spare fun time to spend on themselves, plus it’s so easy for them to work at home. Well, none of it’s that easy actually. When fertility treatment is on hold and time is going by all the time (especially unhelpful when you’re in your 40’s). Never mind the key workers, people with ill family and friends etc

One person even posted about how angry she was, they have it so easy hmm

Can no one accept all of this is tough for everyone?! Rather than claiming others have an easy ride

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JosieJosie1 Fri 03-Apr-20 13:03:48

Good idea @PurpleDaisies Two weeks now since my cycle waS cancelled. Still feeling pretty teary after a week of being very down. We got a puppy though and he is giving us life! It also makes me sad though when I see how much my DH loves the dog and how much love he would have to give a child. It would be the luckiest child in the world! So having that dream even further away then it already was is tough. Our friends have been so nice about the pup - even the ones I know who hate dogs saying he’s fab etc so it also feels like we are at the consolation prize stage of a dog as we can’t have children. Which upsets me. It’s just all tough really isn’t it.

Were you guys due to start cycles soon?
How are you’s keeping busy?

sillysmiles Mon 06-Apr-20 16:57:34

We had our meeting with our Dr the day the announcements to close schools etc was made here (Ireland). We've decided to proceed with our last FET but again, now, who knows when. Being in lockdown doesn't help with the weight I'm meant to be loosing either.

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