Did I have a miscarriage or am I still pregnant ?

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Lifesforloving1 Sun 29-Mar-20 07:25:05

If you have seen any of my previous posts ragarding my confusion , I’m sorry to be that annoying person keep posting all the time !
But here I am again ... posting.
Found out I was pregnant last Sunday ( 22nd ) period is normally due around 21st.
Tuesday gets here : I start spotting red. ( lasted about an hour , thought I was having a (miscarriage )
Wednesday : spotting all day pink / brown
Thursday , nothing
Friday, nothing
Saturday , small pink spotting evening.
Today I wake up to thick stretchy pink / brown spotting .
Caved in and did a test this morning . POSITIVE ?
& strong.
Would my levels still show a positive , I’m only 4 weeks along . ( pics attached )

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Lifesforloving1 Sun 29-Mar-20 07:51:25

I used Clomid to get pregnant ....

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milkjetmum Sun 29-Mar-20 07:57:54

Unfortunately it is not possible to know without a scan, as I have had similar bleeding with high happy and unhappy outcomes. But it is a positive sign that you have strong positive results. Next step is to ask your GP to refer you to early pregnancy unit (or depending on your area you may be able to self-refer).

In the meantime try and rest and talk to friends if you can flowers

everpessimistic Sun 29-Mar-20 07:59:08

I think best thing to do is call the clinic that you’re under and ask for serial bHcG although I imagine they might not want to bring you in given what’s going on at the moment. Otherwise it’s the horrid waiting and testing again in a week or so. It can take a month for pregnancy tests to show negative after a miscarriage.
On the plus side no clots which reduces the chance it’s a miscarriage.
Fingers crossed for you

Lifesforloving1 Sun 29-Mar-20 08:59:24

@milkjetmum @everpessimistic
Thankyou for replying to me. ! I rang the clinic yesterday & they say I will just have to sit back at see .... 🙄 Maby thanks . x

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Snowberry4 Sun 29-Mar-20 09:49:46

Hi lifesforloving1 .
Sorry to hear your having a worrying time.
Iv had several failed clomid cycles and have since moved onto letrazole so know the rollercoaster your on.
How many weeks pregnant do you think you might be? Could it be delayed implantation bleeding?
I had an early miscarriage after my first clomid cycle at 5 weeks and your know for sure it's a miscarriage ( just talking from own experience I had excruciating pain/cramps and clots that i can only describe as looking like pieces of liver showing that lasted around 2 weeks. This was confirmed by gp and blood tests)
To me from your photo ( and I'm not medically trained) it looks more like implantation spotting. Check out healthline and nhs websites as they have lots of advice.

My only advise is Please don't stress as that won't do you any good. Remember if you do miscarry it is very common but it won't be the end of the road for you with treatment.
Keeping fingers crossed for you and sending you a long social distance hug.
Here if you want to chat.

Lifesforloving1 Sun 29-Mar-20 10:05:05

Thankyou so much , the doctor thought I was about 3 / 4 weeks .
When I went to the hospital for the eggs to be counted , she said I had very sensitive ovaries.
I’ve never been pregnant before so I don’t really know what to expect ect ...
I will just have to wait & see , my boobs are still killing me - but I’m guessing they would for a while even if I did start my period ?
Very confusing isn’t it . X

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milkjetmum Sun 29-Mar-20 12:35:06

I think it is very positive that you still have pregnancy symptoms of sore boobs, I remember that feeling disappearing before I knew I was having my first miscarriage.

Fingers crossed for good news for you. With my happy ending story when we saw dd1 little flashing heartbeat on my 6week scan after bleeding my husband said he felt like, there you are you cheeky bugger!

Lifesforloving1 Sun 29-Mar-20 14:06:18

@milkjetmum , I bet you were so over the moon when you saw the heart beat ! Fingers crossed for me ! 💓

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Tiredtiredtired100 Mon 30-Mar-20 12:40:28

I had more bleeding than that and a perfectly healthy pregnancy but I went to the Early Pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology unit at my local hospital when I started bleeding. They did a scan and confirmed I was pregnant but it was too early for a heartbeat (5 weeks) so I went back a week later and there was one at (6/7 weeks). Had some more bleeding at 8 weeks and another scan confirming a heartbeat. My healthy baby boy is now 13 months old.
If I was you I would go to the EPAG unit to allay my fears, but seeing as you’re so early on it would be worth waiting until you’re 6/7 weeks so you would see a heartbeat.

LittleAtlas Mon 30-Mar-20 12:47:29

I got pregnant with Letrozole as Clomid didn't work for us. I had bleeding from week 3 of my cycle, found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks and the bleeding continued until week 8. It went from light spotting to fairly heavy and I completely understand you're worries. We had an early scan at 6 weeks and everything was fine and DS is now 4 months. I really hope everything is ok and you get a positive outcome smile

Lifesforloving1 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:19:17

@Tiredtiredtired100 @LittleAtlas
Many thanks for replying to me , so please both your bleeds were okay for you 🙂
I spoke to the gp & she said bleeding can be common in early pregnancy. Also this will be my first pregnancy ever . She said I’m about 5 weeks , so if the bleeding gets heavier they would book me in for a scan - I think I will ask for one also just as some peace of mind . My boobs are still killing & a positive test. So I’m guessing that may be good ? x x

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milkjetmum Tue 31-Mar-20 18:14:30

That sounds very positive! smile

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