Donor egg cycle - abroad or here?

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twinkledag Fri 27-Mar-20 21:53:25

Now that coronavirus has put my cycle abroad on hold, we've been considering doing a cycle here instead with LWC using London Egg Bank. There are pros and cons to both, what would you do?

- local
- fits in easier with life
- don't have to drag DS abroad again to do this (will be 3rd cycle abroad)
- Easier to do FETs if first cycle fails
- could prob start quicker rather than waiting for borders to open
- eggs already frozen so we know they're mature; risk of not getting eggs from donor when abroad

- double the cost
- would have to go straight to donor egg cycle; abroad they have agreed to try tandem egg cycle
- would lose out on £1k as drugs for abroad cycle have been brought already

This will be our 5th cycle trying for a sibling for our DC. As you can imagine we've been through the mill and just want what will bring us success 😢


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Leala20 Fri 03-Apr-20 00:36:08

Hi @twinkledag
We were also considering either or ( also donation and our first) but cannot do either as the clinics are not accepting at the moment until at least July I have heard. I think due to the crisis we will opt to do it locally once we can.

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