How many DPT did everyone get their BFP?

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everpessimistic Wed 25-Mar-20 06:31:25

Obviously I peed on a stick like at idiot at 6dp3dt and it’s negative. I know it’s only 9DPO but that’s when I got my last positive.
Reassuring stories of false negatives going onto positives please?
When did you all start testing and get your positive?

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Wesstywoo Wed 25-Mar-20 09:14:16

Hmm way too early yet I'd say - 7dp3dt/5dp5dt is usually the very earliest (and even that might give a false negative) and you are still a day off that. What test have you used? It would have to be a FRER only even at that stage. Lots of luck xx

LauraC1984 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:41:10

I tested at 6dp5dt so 11dpo and got a faint line. You’re definitely not out yet! I’ve got everything crossed for you! Good luck! xx

everpessimistic Wed 25-Mar-20 10:07:24

used a FRER! I might buy shares in them 😂 thanks so much. I’m praying I’m not out. It’s my only embryo

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Missmonkeypenny Wed 25-Mar-20 10:13:14

5dp5dt here! FRER used and while not a dark line, it was definitely there 😊

Missmonkeypenny Wed 25-Mar-20 10:13:53

ps you're definitely not out. A friend of mine tested negative until 10dp5dt and then went on to have twins!

everpessimistic Wed 25-Mar-20 11:31:54

Thanks so much everyone: I’ll try hold out to Friday

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Tarsette Thu 26-Mar-20 14:29:54

I tested negative at 8dp5dt and got a positive beta the next day, which was crazy high! Don’t trust the hpt’s and don’t lose hope until you’ve had the blood test!

everpessimistic Thu 26-Mar-20 17:19:45

Thank you!!!

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RangasNugget Fri 27-Mar-20 01:50:38

I'm currently waiting, waiting, waiting to pee on a stick. I'm currently 6dp3dt

everpessimistic Fri 27-Mar-20 09:03:31

I did it this morning, 4am at 8dp3dt and got a positive!

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maa1992 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:04:43

Mine was 6dp5dt very faint, but there was definitely something there

Praiseyou Fri 27-Mar-20 09:44:22


We only had one embryo too and the pressure of the 2ww was unreal. Our dc will be 3 next week.

willithappen Fri 27-Mar-20 20:38:44

Congratulations that's great news!

Littlebb2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 16:18:19

I had a 5 day transfer on the 11th of February and got a really really faint bfp on the 16th x

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 04-Apr-20 05:39:00

Way too early

4 cycles I never tested before day 14 as heard stories of false positives due to trigger shot hormones still in urine and didn’t see the point as would have to test again anyway on the right date

Cycle 5 I tested early on think day 11 as was my bday and was negative - as were the other 4 cycles

But I didn’t have a drink and tested On the proper day few days later and showed a positive

That little blue line was 3 a week ago

So what I am saying is testing early isn’t always good and yes for some showed positive but for others like me it didn’t

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 04-Apr-20 05:39:46

And congrats smile

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