BFP after multiple IVF, anyone else obsessed with testing Hcg+progesterone every 2/3 days till first scan?

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avocado2019 Tue 24-Mar-20 16:27:31

Hi, as said in subject. I'm 4w+6 so far I am really obsessed testing my hcg + progesterone. I've done 3 now (they are all in line). But I really tempt to test again (once or twice more) in private before my first scan. I get really nervous without knowing how things going on, after all the roller-coaster of multiple icsi (and a previous bad experience with NHS where they don't check anything till 12w). It felt like a therapy for myself after testing, i could at least be able to be calm and focused to get some work done for 2 days, before anxiety rise then i tempt to know the numbers blush. i know it felt really compulsive (and control freak) blush But I also read in the forum that ladies with ARGC got to test their hcg EVERY DAY. (so i got encouraged grin, feeling that it is not wired scientifically to stay informed). But I m a bit embarrassed to go to my clinic to test again feeling afraid to be considered mad.

Wonder if there is anyone else in the same shoe and eager to seek this "number therapy" to cope with the wait till scan - hand holding bearhalo

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Pinktruffle Wed 25-Mar-20 00:53:02

I don't think I can't get mine tested but I kind of want to. My mind is running in overdrive under something is starting to go wrong. I was quite calm up until now but all my previous miscarriage fears are starting to creep in.

My scan is 2 and a half weeks away yet, I don't know how I will make it to then.

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