Just got a positive - scared

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Mum1983 Mon 23-Mar-20 21:49:57

Hi all

So after being told I have PCOS (mild apparently), and DH being told he had morphology of .5%. We were told we would have to have IVF at a recent appointment. Dr said our 2 previous pregnancies were unbelievable. Needless to say Im thrilled. Waiting to tell DH on his birthday next weekend. But....
I’m petrified.. had a missed miscarriage last time and so scared the same thing will happen. With all this Coronavirus I called the clinic today and they are closing down for the time being so couldn’t guarantee a call back from the dr as she was only monitoring current antenatal cases. Advised me to check in with my own GP but really he’s clueless in this area. Totally missed my PCOS even when I’d suggested it ages ago. Didn’t want to know about our secondary infertility and passed us on straight away.
I’m aware that some people get started on some meds to help reduce the risk of miscarriage? Any ideas? Ideally I’d like to have my research done before I ring him tomorrow.

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Sylva123 Tue 24-Mar-20 07:39:35

I don't know if the same for pcos but my friend got put on cyclogest to stop her miscarrying. I'm also on it for another reason, so that could be one to look into.

I really hope it sticks for you this time and that they're able to speak to you later on. It's a strange time - you're probably feeling really worried. Good luck

Mctm123 Tue 24-Mar-20 15:50:09

Hi I am in a similar boat...pregnant from our final FET but petrified as last 2 ended in miscarriages. This time around I am taking aspirin, hydroxchloroquine and cyclogest (I was on cyclogest last time though) I’m about 4 an a half weeks now and panicking every time I go the toilet. Added to that, the current situation in the world increases the anxiety levels but I am just trying to stay calm and hope for the best it’s all we can do!! Good luck x

Mum1983 Wed 25-Mar-20 21:00:51

Thanks for the info ladies. Gp prescribed me a form of progesterone so hoping that helps a bit. Congratulations @Mctm123! It’s scary times alright, hopefully these babies will be our light at the end of the tunnel. X

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Mctm123 Wed 25-Mar-20 21:10:11

@Mctm123 oh pleased you got some progesterone! Fingers crossed for both of us. We are also secondary infertility my little boy is 4 and a half and was natural and only took 9 months to conceive which is crazy as my we have MFI but didn’t know that at the time! X

Mctm123 Thu 26-Mar-20 17:23:00

I’m also petrified about going for the scan alone since we have to with this virus! Dreading it in case it’s bad news being in that room on my own! X

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