Bfp or trigger shot?

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KittieKath Sun 29-Mar-20 11:35:09


So sorry to hear that, have been thinking of you. Though it's not over until AF arrives. Stay safe and look after yourself. Xxx

Rac3693 Sat 28-Mar-20 23:34:11

Hey guys, sorry i didnt update, was so down. I tested 2 days after that and it was negative :-( so i guess either it was still the trigger or a chemical? Who knows 🙁
Havent got my period yet tho so dont know where I stand at the moment

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GaaaaarlicBread Sat 28-Mar-20 12:59:48

Any updates ?? 💕

JenNtonic Sat 28-Mar-20 12:58:30

Any update OP ? 🤞 x

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 17:14:40

Good to know. Thanks! Wil let u know once iv tested again! X

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Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 17:13:59

No worries thank u ❤️

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JenNtonic Sun 22-Mar-20 16:37:56

@Rac3693 Fab and good luck.
Op I should just say that I clicked on your thread as it was in "active" and noticed afterwards that it was under infertility, that's why I just initially commented "that's positive" as if it was another "line eyes" thread.
So excuse my ignorance/ insensitivity and questions and the best of luck! I really hope I see an update on Tuesday with a picture of a BFP 🙂⭐️ Take care OP X


HarrietM87 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:58:38

My trigger shot was always gone by 10dpo (I had a faint line like that at 9dpo) but my dr said it can take up to 14 days as it depends how fast your body metabolises it. The only way of knowing will he to test again tomorrow, or ideally in 48hrs.

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:56:21

Hope so! Thought so too, but there’s always a niggling feeling that maybe it’s still the trigger!! Guess we’ll see in the next day or two!! Xx

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Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:55:29

Thanks so much, I dont have any more at home :-( gna try get one to do for tomoro morning! Really hoping! Will let u know Xx

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Dzundza Sun 22-Mar-20 15:46:16

Don't test every few hours, you'll get paranoid if you get alighter one.

If it's been 12 days the trigger should be out of your system

KittieKath Sun 22-Mar-20 15:41:25

Well that's defo positive! 12 days is a long time for HCG to still be present after a trigger shot. But not impossible of course.

You could test again in a few hours? A trigger shot would get lighter, whereas a BFP would get darker. Though variations throughout the day are also possible.

Do you have any internet cheapies so you can just do one every couple of hours? And then test again on a First Response at same time tomorrow?

Keeping everything crossed for you!

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:25:25

Thats exactly what I feel!!! Keep u posted! X

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JenNtonic Sun 22-Mar-20 15:24:34

Oh my goodness so close but so far 😬 EEK!!! Awww bless you, you must be so nervous / excited aghhhhh xx

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:23:51

My Dr said to test on Tues (in 2 days from now), but tested early 😬
Here’s hoping xx

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JenNtonic Sun 22-Mar-20 15:22:15

Oh I'm afraid I don't know about trigger shots. Are you supposed to wait ? Xx

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:21:04

Thanks! Just praying its not still picking up hcg from my trigger shot! X

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JenNtonic Sun 22-Mar-20 14:44:35

That's positive !

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 14:43:04

I didn’t have a transfer. I was on letrozole and then had a trigger once the follicles were the right size.

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sun 22-Mar-20 14:03:12

How many days post transfer are you?

Rac3693 Sun 22-Mar-20 07:45:58

Hi guys, i took a test this morning (I know I shouldve waited :-() and it was a bfp!! I had a 10000u trigger shot 12 days ago, could this still be positive from that? Thanks!!

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