IVF Feb/March 2

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SpyroC Fri 20-Mar-20 17:14:59

A new thread to carry on supporting each other as the old one was full.

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SpyroC Fri 20-Mar-20 17:20:29


Sorry to anyone I've forgotten. There are a lot of us! X

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SpyroC Fri 20-Mar-20 17:27:19

@Robson13 kind of. Basically he came to see me before ec and I knew it would be the last chance I'd have to see a Dr before ET so I brought it up. He also mentioned that cv can affect your kidneys and that kidneys already work twice as hard during pregnancy. I told him my reasons for and he said he honestly didn't know what he'd do in my position.

@Pinktruffle that's just it. I've become almost too positive because of it all, assuming that transfer = instant pregnancy IYSWIM. You're right though we gave every reason to be positive. X

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Pinktruffle Fri 20-Mar-20 18:44:39

Yeah I see what you mean. I'll be crushed if I get a BFN tomorrow especially with an indefinite pause on my FET.

Trying to go forward with a positive frame of mind is all we have though, that and the guts (and hopefully money) to keep trying.

ChatWithMe Fri 20-Mar-20 18:50:52

Hi SpyroC thanks for the message. I have read through some of the recent history since I took a break from Mumsnet. I'm back on it to see how everyone is coping with the virus outbreak and treatment cancellations. All very depressing sad

Here's a list I had made of early members of the original group:


But I remember a couple more of the top of my head:


Hope some of these ladies can remember ones that have been missed out..

My update: Egg collection today, 9 eggs, ICSI, will get a call re fertilisation rates tomorrow and find out when/if transfer to happen.

luby89k Fri 20-Mar-20 21:38:46

I was really confused cause i couldn't comment on the last post 🙈🙈🙈
The clinic rang me this afternoon. Because i have to do a freeze all they are going to push my ovaries further to get more eggs as they are not looking at the lining any more as it's not needed. So that's a positive. I might get one more egg to freeze. They've upped my Menopur. EC will take place wednesday. Here's hoping they don't close hospital before then xx

Pinktruffle Fri 20-Mar-20 21:45:41

That's a positive @luby89k. I'll keep my fingercrossed for you and I hope you get a good result x


luby89k Fri 20-Mar-20 21:50:44

Thanks @Pinktruffle fingers crossed for tomorrow 😘

Pinktruffle Sat 21-Mar-20 05:57:08

The line is faint but I think that's a BFP!!
I just pray to God that it's a sticky one xx

CarbsAndCheese Sat 21-Mar-20 06:41:38

@pinktruffle that’s not a faint line, it’s a lovely BFP! Congratulations! Does your clinic do blood tests or is it a question of waiting for a scan now?

Pinktruffle Sat 21-Mar-20 06:51:23

Thank you! I have no idea to be honest and I'm guessing with all the Covid madness it may be different to what it usually is.

I've got to call them Monday morning and I'll see what they say. I'm guessing hubby will need to go in for pessaries at the very least.

SpyroC Sat 21-Mar-20 09:01:29

Amazing news @Pinktruffle Congratulations! X

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SpyroC Sat 21-Mar-20 09:03:18

I hope you are recovering well from ec @ChatWithMe . Thinking of you this morning. I hope you get a good news call soon. X

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CarbsAndCheese Sat 21-Mar-20 10:01:35

@ChatWithMe how are you feeling today? Fingers crossed for a good fertilisation update!

Just had my day 3 call from the embryologist. It was very similar to yesterday: 5 top quality and 2 dodgy ones that have/will likely stop growing. She confirmed for me that it is egg quality that counts until day 3 and then the genetic material of the embryo takes over in getting to blastocyst stage. Next phone call on Monday, I am just praying one/some make it!

How is everyone else managing? Infertility and coronavirus is an awful combination, hope you’re all ok!

ChatWithMe Sat 21-Mar-20 10:12:20

Congrats pinktruffle!! So awesome. Now just stay home for 12 weeks lol

Thanks SpyroC and CarbsAndCheese. Yesterday after EC I avoided paracetamol and tried to rest. This morning at 5 I had to take some though. Today I feel weak and bloated. I still feel lucky to have had EC in light of CV so can't complain. How did everyone feel after EC? It's my 3rd one but the bloating is definitely worse this time round.

SpyroC Sat 21-Mar-20 10:39:09

That sounds good @CarbsAndCheese. 2.5 more days of growing time for our embies. 🤞🏻

I was lucky with ec @ChatWithMe didn't have to take any additional pain killers. It's probably like drug side effects-different Everytime.

Can we talk about cyclogest? I only started yesterday morning (everyone else seems to get told to start on day of ec). The morning one was fine but the bed time one made a mess. I thought it was meant to be the other way around? I did use a liner which prevented most of the mess but not all. Also how far in are they meant to go? Any tips welcome!

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ChatWithMe Sat 21-Mar-20 10:58:53

Try them rectally if you hate the mess. Doctor and web said cyclogest can go vaginally or rectally. For those like me who are on Lutigest it's only vaginally so I'm gonna have some serious mess to manage. If you put it in a couple inches with the applicator you're fine. I put toilet tissue down below all the time to avoid the mess and change it each time I use the lol.

ChatWithMe Sat 21-Mar-20 10:59:18

Loo not lol hehe

Pinktruffle Sat 21-Mar-20 12:41:12

Thanks for the congratulations!

Cyclogest is a pain. I find sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's really messy. I've been wearing a sanitary towel so to not mess up my underwear. I don't think there are any hard times with insertion, I've been told to push it as far as is comfortable and to lie down for at least 30 mins afterwards. The white stuff that makes the mess is just the casing and the actual hormones is released and absorbed within 10 minutes.

granddesigns Sat 21-Mar-20 13:10:40

Found the new thread!

Had the call this lunchtime about how are 5 were getting on. The good news is that 3 have gone into the freezer today. They will continue to grow the other 2 and review tomorrow if they are good enough to freeze or not as they are still developing but slower. Looking on the bright side, at least we have a chance and a couple of bonus ones which I wasn't all that confident about. Now to get through the virus and out the other side.....

Hope anyone who is progressing with treatment keeps doing so. And sending strength to those trying to find it who find themselves in the same situation as us.

CarbsAndCheese Sat 21-Mar-20 13:30:53

@granddesigns 3 blasts is brilliant! I would be so delighted with that, never mind the chance of 2 more tomorrow! Great news ☺️

I am so uncomfortable today. Quite bloated and dizzy too. Trying to ignore it at the moment but I think I’ll have to give them a ring if it gets much worse.

ChatWithMe Sat 21-Mar-20 13:48:32

CarbsAndCheese think you and I are feeling similar but youre2 days ahead of me. Hope you feel better soon. You doing fresh transfer Monday?

Pinktruffle Sat 21-Mar-20 13:58:27

Congratulations @granddesigns! That's a brilliant number, I hope the other 2 pull through too 🙂

Pinktruffle Sat 21-Mar-20 13:59:31

@Carbsandcheese I was really bloated for a few days after EC, it was really uncomfortable but did get better. If you carry on feeling dizzy, I would call them though. Hope everything goes ok

granddesigns Sat 21-Mar-20 13:59:37

Thanks @CarbsAndCheese - I'm chuffed with that and amazed there is still a possibility tomorrow! Was holding out for one to transfer and one in the freezer would be a bonus!

Interesting and sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish - Tuesday and Wednesday I was randomly dizzy but seems to have settled now. Was also virus spotting like mad with a tiny cough which turned into a mild cold yesterday. That's said, my 'possibly sore chest' was just really sore boobs! Take care.

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