Coronavirus, IVF and prednisolone

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Hermione4312 Fri 27-Mar-20 22:17:07

Hi! I had my cycle done in February and I am on prednisolone 25mg daily until 14 weeks. My consultant said I need to isolate as much as I can but I do not understand if we are in the group who needs to shield for 12 weeks and meant to receive a letter for that. Does anyone know anything?

kell2126 Tue 17-Mar-20 14:38:14

good question. I've got a FET booked in for April 1st (not cancelled yet but not holding breath) with prednisolone on the cards too, so will be interested to hear what others have decided.

ByTheSeaCatsandAll Tue 17-Mar-20 12:56:13

Hi everyone,
Is anyone in cycle and on prednisolone or steroids? We were really lucky and had egg collection last week, hoping to transfer tomorrow. The clinic said I had to decide about continuing with the steroids, as they suppress my immune system which puts me into the high-risk Corona group. I decided to continue, as I’ve come this far but I am worried. It does feel a little crazy to be deliberately lowering my immune system at the moment. Has anyone else had this from their clinic?

And just to say big love to everyone who had had their treatment cancelled or affected. There is so much waiting in IVF, and obstacles to overcome, its just seems so unbelievably unfair that this bloody virus is yet another thing our community has to contend with.

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