Early menopause genetics - confused!

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Lillies89 Mon 16-Mar-20 18:55:33

Hi, I would appreciate advice if anyone can help. I’m 31 and my mother had early menopause in her 30s. Mu sister is 33 has had 3 kids (last one 7 years ago) and states that her periods are now ‘sporadic’. I really want kids but my partner seems to think I have all the time in the world which is why we haven’t started to try. Quite a few people have advised egg freezing as early menopause tends to follow in the mother’s children (like myself). This is really causing me anxiety every month before my period arrives. What would
You guys do if this was your case?

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LittleLittleLittle Mon 16-Mar-20 19:00:03

I would dump your partner then either use a sperm bank or find a more mature partner who wants kids asap. Egg freezing has a low success rate.

As women who are 35 and older are told if he won't entertain a child with you now, he doesn't want a child with you at all. And it isn't you it is him.

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