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Treatment won't be started til further notice 😞

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sabtom Mon 16-Mar-20 13:11:31

So I finally got my first appointment to see the consultant on Wednesday and I've been desperately trying to keep myself safe from this virus as not to be ill or having to self isolate so I don't risk losing my appointment. Got a phone call today from the ACU asking if I wanted a phone consultation instead and I was also told that no treatment will be started until further notice. It's like I've been waiting ages to get this far only to be tripped up at the final hurdle. I know 40 isn't old but being told to wait is heartbreaking when every month, week counts now. I just feel so depressed and angry that when all this Coronavirus (hopefully) blows over and things get back to normal, it might be too late for me. I just keep seeing my fertile window closing more and more each day. sad

Puddlelane123 Mon 16-Mar-20 13:18:30

Sympathies OP - I remember from my own fertility treatment how crushing it was when treatment was delayed for any reason, especially when the delay was open ended. I know it sounds trite (and probably wld have given me the rage when I was in the thick of it) but try to look at it as extra time to get your body and mind in tip top condition for treatment and pregnancy.

Really hope the delay isn’t long.

sabtom Mon 16-Mar-20 15:25:10

Thank you @Puddlelane123 I'm usually a very patient person but this whole wanting a baby has brought out emotions in me I never thought I had 😞

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