Suspected PCOS... now what?

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Katnissx Sun 15-Mar-20 23:28:47

Blood tests show LH 2.5 x higher than FSH, testosterone normal. Ultrasound showed a ring of follicles (more than 12) on left ovary which I was told is indicative of PCOS.

I have been waiting for a gynaecologist appt at the hospital anyway which is booked for May and my GP hasn't commented on the ultrasound results and just said to take a copy when I see the gynaecologist.

However this is all the testing I have had done and I am worried the gynaecologist won't have enough information to go off? I'm worried she will say I need to have further testing done and book another appt after have more bloods etc, which would be a pain after waiting so long for this appt. Should I be asking my GP to do more blood tests? Or anything else?

I'm also having long periods (last one was three weeks long!), should I ask my GP if I can trial meds in the meantime to help with this while I wait for my appt? I feel like she just wants to palm me off to the gynaecologist so doesn't want to do anything...

If I should just wait to see gynae in May, does anyone know what the next steps would be? Would I be able to start treatment straight after this? We are TTC currently.
Thanks for reading xx

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jakeyboy1 Sun 15-Mar-20 23:33:30

I suffer from
PCOS the problem I had is on Scan's it comes and goes. I am assuming you have few periods? If so there is less chance of ovulating. If PCOS is confirmed ask for clomid if not suggested. This will help ovulation and in my case enabled me to conceive. It is not without risk though and every case is different but this is the first logical step before anything more invasive. Good luck!

TrafficHater Sun 15-Mar-20 23:36:06

@jakeyboy1 can you ask for Clomid on the first appointment? I have an appointment to see a gynae consultant because of my PCOS (no periods for a month, acne, hair growth but bloods normal) and was wondering if the process.

jakeyboy1 Sun 15-Mar-20 23:40:23

I had it through my GP and later a consultant - but that was a few years ago now and I think GPs are more hesitant due to cost now. However if you need something to help you ovulate this is logical. You need to be able to prove you are getting few periods etc. They may still do LSH tests but I would have thought you should be able to get it / if not they need to give you another viable plan.

Katnissx Sun 15-Mar-20 23:42:38

@jakeyboy1 thank you so much for the reply, it's good to hear a positive outcome! I do actually have a DS but had issues prior to conceiving him and they have actually gotten worse since my periods returned nearly a year ago.
I have irregular cycles but I do have them nearly monthly (usually more like 35 days sometimes shorter, sometimes longer). But as mentioned in my post I've been having long lasting periods (18-21 days). I also don't think I am ovulating as we have been TTC 10 months now and nothing, also never pick it up on OPKs (although I know not always reliable).
My GP hasn't given me a diagnosis, I feel she is just leaving it all to the gynae. The ultrasonographer I saw told me that diagnosis is given from a combination of things, so I guess that is why I'm worried that when I eventually do see the gynae she will just say I need to have more testing done when I would really like to start treatment ASAP 🤦‍♀️

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Katnissx Sun 15-Mar-20 23:46:42

Also just to add my ultrasonographer told me that there is a spectrum for PCOS in terms of how someone is affected by it. So I am also wondering if I have it badly enough to be treated for it. Its strange because it is really affecting my cycles, but my testosterone was normal and my ovaries were also a normal size.
Is a raised LH and 12+ovarian follicles enough for a diagnosis? :S

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jakeyboy1 Mon 16-Mar-20 08:23:13

I honestly don't know sorry. They changed my diagnosis many times. You just have to be persistent. Good luck x


Katnissx Mon 16-Mar-20 09:24:24

That's okay, I have no clue either 🙈 thank you for your replies xx

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