Referal to fertility/gynaecology for further checks?

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Papoy Sat 14-Mar-20 16:28:48

Hi everyone,

First post ever... still trying to get my head around things both in this site and IRL about coming to terms with infertility...

I am almost 38 now. We have been trying but havent had any good news yet... but still hopefull.

We went to the GP, get the usual blood tests done via NHS. Normal regular periods, nothing unusual.. sperm ok. Ovulating... GP ordered a pelvic scan. Nothing unusual there either.

Now GP refered me to the Fertility-Gynaecology unit of the hospital for investigation or further checks... Appointment is a month away.

What are they gonna do now? And how long do you think those things will take...

A friend said this may be the time they check the tubes but I guess that means there will be first an appointment (which is more than a month away) and they will organise another scan and it will be few months to do that as well?

I just need an idea how long more do I need to wait to find out whether there is a problem or not?

I just want to know what happens next and how long does it take? Because if i am waiting for them to tell me, "you are healthy, but it is harder for you to get pregnant because you are older" that is gonna mean that I lost more time trying naturally.... Perhaps I should have IVF now instead now. NHS wont fund it anyway where I live because of my age...

It would be great if someone give me an idea whats gonna happen next? I should ask the GP but he doesnt know much either??

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 14-Mar-20 19:31:34

Honestly if you aren't eligible for IVF on the NHS then I'd cut your losses and just pay to go privately?

Yeah they'll check your tubes but the wait time in most areas can be 3 months to get booked in. To be honest i wouldnt bother with the test If you are ultimately going to go for IVF

Privately you ll get the tests done within the week - on the NHS you'll wait months as you have to wait for an appointment letter through the post for each one

willithappen Sat 14-Mar-20 19:38:14

The only tests you are likely to get at the referral will be an internal vaginal scan. Any other tests are likely to be arranged after that.
The first appointment they will go over your previous test results and information about yourself and your partner and then discuss some possible options for you going forward

As noted, if you are ultimately going IVF then you may not want to get tubes checked. We have to do IVF, but I got my tubes checked anyway just to be sure/know if that was the issue. I was told that either way whatever the results it wouldn't matter as next recommendation would be IVF

Viletta Sat 14-Mar-20 20:20:25

Can you go to a fertility (not in IVF clinic) gyn privately to get tubes checked and possibly other things too? In my opinion it would be a shame to jump onto IVF if you can potentially get pregnant naturally. IVF is expensive, stressful and doesn't give you a guarantee of success. I think privately you can get thyroid checked too.

Papoy Sat 14-Mar-20 21:05:59

Thank you all.

@itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted and @willithappen. it seems like more talking with nhs and months of checking the post for the next appointment and waiting.

I might get pregnant naturally perhaps after another year of trying (while doing those checks) but what if I dont get pregnant or they say the tubes are blocked... They say in IVF when you are 38 your changes are %30 and when you are 39 it is 20%. Too much to loose...

Wish i have a crystal ball or something that can take 10 years of me....

@Viletta, next week I am going to an open evening of an fertility clinic (the first time). Perhaps I can ask them whether they can look at those things to start with before the IVF step... At least they can do it quicker than NHS and help with the decision making process. If they say my tubes are ok, even if IVF fails I will have the hope to conceive naturally and since “hope” is the only thing we have left at that stage it will help me to survive the disappointment...

Thanks ladies ... i have noone to talk to about this so thanks for responding...

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EarlGreyT Sat 14-Mar-20 21:17:08

Honestly if you aren't eligible for IVF on the NHS then I'd cut your losses and just pay to go privately

They are likely to arrange a HSG or hycosy to check your tubes and then plan from there. As previous poster says this is likely to take months (from your first appointment) to arrange.

If time isn’t on your side which given your age it isn’t (although you do still have time), you should go privately and get things moving as soon as possible. Ultimately if you’re going to need IVF (which although I don’t think you have said how long you’ve been trying for) is most likely what will be suggested, then the cost of a HSG pales into insignificance compared to the cost of a cycle of IVF.

Sorry you find yourself here. Infertility is absolutely shit and is misunderstood by many people especially those who have never had to deal with it themselves.

Viletta Sat 14-Mar-20 21:23:36

@Papoy fertility clinics in the UK jump straight into IVF route. They won't investigate much beyond the need of the IVF, would be surprised if they check the tubes. But do ask lots of questions. Hope one way or another you'll find the best and quickest route for you.

PennyArrowBar Sat 14-Mar-20 21:29:50

There's a six month waiting list for a gynae appointment near me. I'm aiming to have a private scan prior to getting an appointment so hopefully once my appointment comes through Im at least one step in front.

Honestly if you aren't eligible for IVF on the NHS then I'd cut your losses and just pay to go privately

Basically this. I wouldn't fuck about waiting if you know you're not going to get anywhere with it.

Papoy Sun 15-Mar-20 21:14:10

@PennyArrowBar 6 months right now shock....
Well I guess it will only get worse after this Corona Virus emergency... understandably they will want to take care of Pregnant woman first...

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PennyArrowBar Sun 15-Mar-20 21:45:01

Corona will definitely affect things, they'll probably be classed as non essential appointments. I've been waiting four months and am yet to get an appointment date so emotionally I'm sticking a pin in it. It sucks.

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