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VenusStarr Wed 11-Mar-20 19:59:35

I think it depends on where you're being seen. I've had an hsg and a hysteroscopy as part of the initial tests and we're unexplained. It's definitely worth asking again so you can understand why it's not being offered.

To be honest I don't rate our consultant - he diagnosed unexplained infertilty but I've conceived naturally 3 times in the last year (2.5 years ttc), so our issue is recurrent miscarriage and subfertility but he just seemed to be following a set protocol rather than a personalised plan.

Good luck 🤞

Betsyboo87 Wed 11-Mar-20 19:49:07

I haven’t ever had one. We had been ttc for 2.5yrs and had all the other tests which showed nothing abnormal. Our consultant said after that long we were unlikely to conceive naturally and our choices were iui or ivf. If we wanted to go for iui then I would have to have a hsg but if we went for ivf then it wasn’t necessary as the treatment bypasses the tubes anyway. Not in the UK so it may make a difference as we would had to have paid ourselves for the hsg. As we went for ivf we didn’t see the point in the extra cost.

BewilderedBee Wed 11-Mar-20 19:17:10

We are 17 months TTC and have been diagnosed as unexplained. I've had bloods, ultrasound and partner has had semen analysis. It's been bothering me that our consultant hasn't wanted to do a HSG. It's seems a common procedure for most people to have when under investigations. Does anyone know when they do them? Have others been diagnosed unexplained without a HSG? What I'm most concerned about is that I had a ruptured appendix as a child and worried it may have caused some damage. My ultrasound showed I had a large cyst on my ovary, I was scanned again 3 months later, and I now have another cyst on the other ovary. They're keeping an eye on it and they've requested bloods. I'm hoping I may need surgery so they can do a HSG the same time! But so far it hasn't been mentioned and we've been put on the IVF waiting list. I'm worried it's the missing piece to an explanation. Thanks in advance x

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