Diagnosed PCOS started metformin- any success stories?!

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Jadeemarie Mon 09-Mar-20 19:58:41

Hiya, looking forward to hearing all the success stories that hopefully you can bring!! I was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 months ago after my periods just stopped for just over 7 months. I have been trying to conceive since 2017. I had a miscarriage in 2018 and have been trying harder since then, but with irregular periods it is just so hard to know when I ovulate. I went 7 months without having a period and looking back on my period tracker for the last 3 years I've only had 6 periods a year!! Anyway cut a long story short I have now been prescribed taking metformin 500mg and have been on for just over 3 weeks. So far so good, day 4 of taking them I had AF after my previous AF was beginning of December so defiantly feel like they are working to help regulate my periods! Also had no side effects which is great! However I want to hear successful stories from anyone who has PCOS and was prescribed metformin as I really want this to work for me and your stories will help me believe it will happen soon for me! Thanks for reading smile xxx

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EineReiseDurchDieZeit Mon 09-Mar-20 20:00:30

So I had to come off metformin as I couldn't handle the side effects but they don't get everyone, it does work for weight loss x

Jadeemarie Mon 09-Mar-20 20:06:19

I have heard about the side effects and I think I'm very lucky! I take it in the evening before I go to bed as nausea for me is the worse feeling ever so decided to take before sleep to try and avoid that symptom -whether it's that or I am just lucky that I don't get any symptoms! Sorry to hear you had to come off it xx

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