How long should you wait between fresh and FET?

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seven201 Mon 09-Mar-20 15:57:59

I had short protocol egg collection and a transfer in jan/Feb. It failed 5/6 days after transfer and they think my progesterone levels dropped and brought on my period. So next time I'll be on different progesterone suppositories and injections too.

I think my period will arrive in 10 days ish. The clinic has advised waiting until the next period after that to start the FET. They've not really explained why it's best to wait an additional month, other than it's better for your body and it's best to do it so the cycle leading up is with norethisterone (to control period and can't ttc naturally in that month). They've said I can do it sooner if I really want. What do other other clinics advise? I admit I am worrying that corona could
close clinics for months, so I don't want to miss the chance as I'm not getting any younger!

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Betsyboo87 Mon 09-Mar-20 18:14:16

I had a freeze all cycle in August due to risk of ohss. I had a bleed about 10 days after EC and then my clinic asked me to wait a full cycle before my FET. My clinic doesn’t downreg for FET so I just had to call on cd1 and start meds before transferring on cd11. I’m now 24 weeks pregnant.

Initially I was really disappointed to wait but I took the time to exercise and eat healthy and DH and I had a long weekend away to relax. Time did go quite quickly and it was nice to have a break from all the scans etc. We’ll never know if this had any influence on the outcome though.

seven201 Mon 09-Mar-20 19:50:00

Thanks @Betsyboo87. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

My clinic I think want two full cycles before. So the bleed from failed ivf, then wait until next period then the next cycle take norethisterone and have a period from that before starting. I just don't really understand why so much waiting. I emailed them yesterday to ask about bringing it forward and they said I could start the cycle sooner and they'd do a scan and if my ovaries or anything looked unsettled then I could postpone. They'd not mentioned that as an option before. I'm leaning towards that as a plan.

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seven201 Tue 10-Mar-20 06:50:32


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Feline123 Wed 11-Mar-20 08:44:54

@seven201 mine failed 6 days after transfer too and they also told me that it’s most likely due to low progesterone. They are putting me on 3x 400mg cyclosgest a day next time whereas I was on Crinone last time which I believe is only 90mg a day so big jump in progesterone. But I’m finding that reassuring!

I had to wait a month for my appointment and then at that appointment, they asked if I was emotionally ready etc to start again (which I was!) so she said I could start FET cycle on my next cycle.... this for me was a couple of days later so now I’m just waiting for day 21.

Personally, I’ve always followed advice on what my clinic says is best to do, but I completely understand you not wanting to wait. I felt I was ready to start again as soon as it failed but then looking back, I know I wasn’t mentally! If I was in your position I’d go with the scan plan!!! That way, when you’re there you can ask more questions about it and hopefully feel settled in your choice. Good luck with the FET, is this your first one?

seven201 Wed 11-Mar-20 08:56:33

Thank you @feline123.

In a way I'm glad to hear someone else has had a similar problem, as my clinic seemed quite baffled by it. I'm sorry it happened to you though. Is this your first FET? It is for me.

So will it have been two full cycle (3 bleeds) gap before you started the stuff for the FET? We've got an appt for this Friday so it looks like we're going with the bringing it forward plan. The scan to check thing is what's making me think I should just go for it.

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Blondeshavemorefun Wed 11-Mar-20 23:20:13

I was told a full cycle After a failed fresh then can have a fet

Feline123 Thu 12-Mar-20 08:09:59

Yep, first FET and just hoping my embryo survives the thawing process!! My clinic werent baffled by it at all but did say they considered it to be early to bleed, hence putting me on lots more progesterone next time.

I will have had the first bleed after ivf which was the one where I bled before my testing date so I knew it failed. I then had another bleed and on that cycle day 1 called up so that I could start my treatment on day 21. Hope that makes sense! x x

seven201 Thu 12-Mar-20 08:32:07

Morning. Thank you both. That's great as that's what I'll be doing, just a cycle shorter than what my clinic recommend. You've made me less worried I'm limiting the chance of success!

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Feline123 Thu 12-Mar-20 17:10:30

Glad you feel better and don’t worry they wouldn’t let you do anything that would potentially ruin your chances! Starting to worry it won’t go ahead for me this cycle anyway if the whole country shuts down 😣😔

seven201 Thu 12-Mar-20 18:31:31

Fingers crossed @Feline123 . I'm hoping that doesn't happen too.

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