IVF March 2020

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Research243 Thu 28-May-20 11:54:05

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NRW39 Thu 12-Mar-20 11:45:08


Jump on the 'IVF March/April?' Thread. There's loads of us on there, myself included. Ask your question on there- we've all got various amounts of experience etc. Best wishes x

Lianne32 Sun 08-Mar-20 22:20:36

Hi everyone, I’m Lianne, 31 and have decided to pursue parenthood on my own using donor sperm. I have been advised by my clinic - abc ivf to go straight to ivf instead of iui. I’m currently waiting on my period to start stimming.

A bit of Background - I have pco but apparently not the syndrome, my amh is 40, fsh 3 lh 4. I have been ttc for a few years but never happened naturally.

I’m after some advice really, I work a physical job I have limited time off so is it going to be detrimental after embryo transfer to return to this job properly I’ve been doing it for 3 years, I work in a spa. I can get egg collection off.

What supplements are good! I’m taking zita west vitafem currently - also avid gym goer so eat relatively healthy anyway, I’ve been advised to stop weight training during stims because of my ovaries. How much protein is sensible ? Also what about protein shakes.

I have been put on short protocol 100iu of bemfola! Do you think this is ok?

Sometimes I work evenings can I transport my ivf meds with me out the fridge at home for a hour during transport until I can place them back in a fridge at work?

Is anyone else starting ivf in March or have done before with similar amh or dosage to me? What was the outcome!

Hope everyone is ok on their journeys looking forward to discussing!

Thank you

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