Coronovirus - should I cancel my ivf abroad?

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twinkledag Mon 02-Mar-20 16:29:50

As the title says - should I cancel my ivf abroad? Was planning to go to Cyprus in April. What would you do?

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twinkledag Fri 06-Mar-20 23:35:13


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IAmWineWineIsMe Fri 06-Mar-20 23:47:09

You're going to get half the posters here saying yes go for it, half saying don't do it. Probably best to ask the clinic.

Maeve88Troy Sat 07-Mar-20 03:09:55

This is an interesting post - haven't really thought about it. If there is no immediate need and if your embryos or eggs or sperm can be frozen maybe delay it a bit? Does your clinic have a good cryopreservation unit?

But I don't think Cyprus has too much cases of COVID infections though and they say warm climate kills the bacteria faster - what has your clinic advised?

Maeve88Troy Sat 07-Mar-20 03:14:43

I googled it and found this - Cyprus and Turkey are among countries with no cases of the virus so far

GrumpyHoonMain Sat 07-Mar-20 03:49:28

Ask the clinic. It will probably be treated the same as a cold or flu.

Vslightlystressy Sat 07-Mar-20 15:02:50

I’m in the same boat - due to fly out end of April and due to start drugs on Tuesday. We are still going - no evidence to the contrary at the moment and it is all organised and paid for. The only concern is we are using donor eggs so it is making sure that the donor can get there as well...

Wintersun13 Sun 08-Mar-20 17:52:59

I googled it and found this - Cyprus and Turkey are among countries with no cases of the virus so far

Hum, you mean they said they don't have any cases yet.

Spoiler - it is most likely a lie. A lot of countries around turkey are infected and afaik viruses don't stop at the border. Erdogan just doesn't want to admit there are cases.

That said, I wouldn't let that stop you. This is basically the flu... You wouldn't give up on doing ivf in november just because it's the flu season, would you ?

MissHoney85 Sun 08-Mar-20 18:01:01

@Wintersun13 This is not 'basically the flu'. Current estimates put Covid 19 at around 10 times more deadly than the flu, and that's probably a conservative estimate. I pretty much agree that you should still do it though, life can't stop because of these things. You're still probably ultimately more likely not to get it (at least seriously).

twinkledag Sun 08-Mar-20 18:39:06

Thanks for all your answers. Would be travelling with my 5 year old son hence the worry.

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Wintersun13 Mon 09-Mar-20 08:26:41

Well, according to the cdc flu deaths for last season range between 20.000 to 52.000. That's for the US alone. Worldwide we're talking an average of 290.000 to 650.000 deaths per year (WHO numbers according to my country authority website).

The coronavirus so far has killed 3700 people worldwide.

While the epidemic isn't over yet this does put things in perspective.

Also I've heard children are much less at risk than adults, OP, if you're worried about your son.

YogaPants4 Mon 09-Mar-20 12:13:07

Im due to start this week in the UK and im not sure what to do. Im not scared about being really sick with it but if you get CV you wont be able to attend the clinic (or in your cases travel too) which would mean the cycle would be cancelled sad

bengalcat Mon 09-Mar-20 12:16:37

I would still go unless by then FCO advice updates advise against travel ( unlikely )

MissHoney85 Mon 09-Mar-20 12:37:52

@Wintersun13 those stats don't really mean anything, this virus has only been around for a couple of months and is likely to grow exponentially. It's R0 (reproductive rate) seems to be about twice that of flu. The official death rate seems to vary from 1-3.5% (though when you compare the 'recovered ' with 'dead' numbers it actually looks more like 6%) compared to 0.1% for flu. I'm not one for fear mongering, but this is a lot more serious than flu.

MissHoney85 Mon 09-Mar-20 13:09:03


twinkledag Thu 12-Mar-20 16:30:44

Well the decision was taken out of my hands today: clinic cancelled the cycle 😢

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Vslightlystressy Thu 12-Mar-20 17:49:49

Oh no - I imagine mine will be following shortly - what date was it due to start? Was it cancelled or postponed? Do PM me if you want

twinkledag Thu 12-Mar-20 20:28:10

I was due to start stims end of March and fly out 6 April.

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Vslightlystressy Thu 12-Mar-20 22:43:55

About three weeks before me... had first injection this week - will be so upset if it is all cancelled but kind of resigned to it now - especially as have donor travelling as well and the virus has hit all three countries now...

twinkledag Thu 12-Mar-20 22:51:32

Mine was a donor ivf too 😓

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bengalcat Thu 12-Mar-20 23:37:05

Ah twinkledag - so sorry - hopefully a temporary blip/ delay - it will happen and good luck when it does

Vallderama Thu 12-Mar-20 23:40:33

This is a global pandemic. Unless you absolutely have to travel to anywhere, of course you shouldn't.

Vslightlystressy Fri 13-Mar-20 06:58:11

Well - definitely doubt I will be going now - they have closed access to the north for UK citizens so must be cancelled.

I appreciate it is a pandemic - we will all be effected in different ways and it doesn’t mean that this isn’t upsetting or sad for people in my situation.

twinkledag Sat 14-Mar-20 16:51:13

I feel so down today.

Gutted that my cycle has been cancelled and my dreams of another baby are further and further away. Coming up to 4 years of TTC #2 in a few months, my friend is due any day, and I just feel so sad and gutted that it's so hard for me to have what seems so easy for most people.

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twinkledag Sat 14-Mar-20 16:52:23

I'm sorry to hear your cycle has also been cancelled @Vslightlystressy 😓

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