TTC after cancer

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Pinkbunny2811 Sat 29-Feb-20 02:33:10

Oh I see. Fair enough. Oh bless you, it’s an emotional time. Good luck when you do go smile

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Mseddy Fri 28-Feb-20 23:11:36

It depends on your area as to how many NHS cycles you get. We chose to go private for a number of reasons so didn't do any NHS cycles. Fingers crossed you can speed things up. Im currently delaying my second cycle because I feel I rushed into the first one and wasn't fully prepared emotionally and nutritionally. We are thinking of going again in May time.. Good luck

Pinkbunny2811 Fri 28-Feb-20 21:16:25

Thanks for your response. I actually work with some of the fertility specialists so I’m hoping I can speed things up a bit but I guess if it’s cycle based I’ll just have to wait until that cycle.

I think I’m worried about it not working as if we do go for icsi I guess we would only have the one chance on the NHS?

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Mseddy Fri 28-Feb-20 17:32:19

Hey. We are in a similar situation except my husband was old enough to have a sample frozen when he got lymphoma. Initially we went to the gp after 9 months of trying and they sent him for a sperm analysis. The results took what felt like ages to come back, I think our gp appt was December 2018, gave sample in Jan/feb 2019 and got results in March 2019. From there the gp referred us straight to our local fertility clinic. Our first appt with them was May 2019 and we did our first cycle of icsi using frozen sperm in October 2019 which unfortunately wasn't successful. So it took 10 months from going to the gp to actually completing the cycle. We have since found out from the cycle we did that I also have some fertility issues, I've got a low amh and diminished ovarian reserve. So we are similar in that we have issues on both sides.
In terms of what bloods the gp did before, they just did day 21 progesterone I think. I had alot more bloods and swabs that the fertility clinic requested at a later date, but there is no point in asking the gp for them before as they need to be up to date for when you do a cycle. Hope that helps

Pinkbunny2811 Thu 27-Feb-20 21:09:35

Hi all
Sorry for the long post, just after a bit of advice if anyone is in a similar boat..

Bit of back story - my OH had leukaemia when he was around 12. Had full bone marrow transplant etc.
Seen his consultant a few weeks ago and they said our chances are slim (which I figured) but said icsi might be possible.

Coupled with that, I have PCOS. I am having periods although they are irregular. Generally around 35-40 day cycles. This period was weird though, I had a very light 2 days then nothing for 2 days then a ‘proper’ period for 7 days. Generally they’re around 5 days.

We’re trying 3 times a week just to see if anything happens until GP appointment which we have to wait a month for 🙄. I can’t be bothered to do all the charting and testing at the moment cause I work nights some weeks so doesn’t really work for me.

Anyway does anyone have any experience or can give me any insight into what happens after he gives a sample for analysis?

Also, what bloods do I need to ask GP for? I can get a fertility appt within a couple months so that’s not an issue but I want to be fully prepared with all the bloods etc before I get there.

Thanks smile

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