Moving IVF funding to private clinic

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VenusStarr Wed 26-Feb-20 08:26:49

Has anyone done this? We've had our funding approval letter and an appointment for the local hospital. For various reasons I don't want our one funded cycle there.

I'm also having recurrent miscarriage investigations and some test results won't be back until late June and our money runs out in August, so need to delay anyway.

Has anyone done this? Is it quite straight forward?


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Iwouldbecomplex Wed 26-Feb-20 10:11:42

I did this. I contacted my CCG's procurement department and asked them to confirm which clinics they have a contract with. If there is no contract with a clinic you won't be able to get NHS funding there. Most CCG's have some clinics that they have contracts with, even if they don't advertise the fact. My GP initially told me the only place I could go was the IVF unit at our local big hospital which has a really bad reputation, so I really didn't want to go there. It turned out my CCG actually had a contract with 2 local private clinics.

Once I knew which clinics the contracts were with I chose the one I wanted then contacted them asking what they needed from my CCG in order for me to have treatment. They booked me an appointment that week and sent my CCG a form to fill in and that was it. Good luck!

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