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MissyPG Tue 25-Feb-20 20:56:54


Looking for advice on IVF clinics abroad? Heard good things about Serum in Athens, Reprofit in Czech Republic and IVF Alicante in the past on here (circa 2016/7)? Anyone got any recent experience?

Looking for a forward thinking clinic. I have been told we have unexplained infertility but I do believe there’s a reason, we just don’t know what yet. We have had 4 rounds (4 fresh, 1 frozen). I have 1 more round on the package here and am contemplating further tests before undergoing this.

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IsabelHerna Sun 13-Jun-21 12:02:37

Hey! I just found your post. Have you found any good clinics from your research? I am currently searching for clinics as well, so I would love to know about your experience.

firefly37 Sun 13-Jun-21 13:01:01

@IsabelHerna … I used Reprofit start of 2019 and got my little girl !! I have two frozen embryos there one of which I am having transferred in a couple of weeks smile … I thought they were great … good price and easy to get to with flights being pretty cheap.
Good luck!

AliceAbsolum Mon 14-Jun-21 21:16:36

Miracle in Cyprus. Never had a bfp in 3 years and 3 cycles, then Dr F got me pregnant and 4 in the freezer.
I had an awful experience with Reprofit, but that's just me.

IsabelHerna Tue 15-Jun-21 08:52:23

Thank you for your suggestions I will definately check them out! I found a couple of good clinics and trying to narrow it down atm. IVF Spain, Serum, Newlife, Reprofit and Dunya. I've read good reviews so far for all of them, but like @AliceAbsolum said, experiences can vary from case to case.

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