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Nervous about iui

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ooglyboogly1 Tue 25-Feb-20 14:28:22

So I'm in the secondary infertility camp. Been trying 15 months. Had all the tests. Nothing wrong just old (40) and prob a bit stressed though I have been attempting to combat this recently. My thyroid was a little low so I'm now on thyroxin. Levels still not optimal but in normal range.
Don't want to do ivf but am about to press the button on a 3 cycle of iui. I'm hesitant and nervous and I can't work out quite why.
1) it's a lot of money £3400. Less for 1 cycle £1300 but I think there is more chance of success with a number of cycles.
2) it's mechanical and a faff. I find it stressful going into a hospitalised environment
3) nervous about multiples and also just generally risk of things going wrong due to my age - though this is a factor if I got pregnant naturally.
I don't know what to do. I think I want to stop trying in a few months so this is a last chance attempt I suppose.
Has anyone else had iui? Or got pregnant at 40? I'm just scared of things going wrong I think and thinking perhaps it's just my body telling me it's too late and I shouldn't try messing around with anything else?

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