Netflix Babies 😠

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spacegirl123 Sun 23-Feb-20 08:41:56

OK a little bit of a rant here.

I'm sure lots of you can empathise with keeping a brave face and a big smile when cuddling our friends' and families' little ones, and when hearing pregnancy news. We're so happy for them, but secretly so sad for ourselves.

THEN, when you want to take some out, watch Schitt's Creek for the 15th time for a bit of light relief, switch on the TV and Netflix bloody babies is the featured show on your home screen. To flick over to Netflix and be greeted with the word BABIES in large, bold all-caps, and a giggling baby is the last thing I need when I think of babies (or lack of them), IVF medication, miscarriage, implantation failure, letting everyone down every. single. second. of the day.

Agh Netflix, ffs.

Rant over.

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justkeeprunning5 Sun 23-Feb-20 10:00:59

It’s tough! I’ve spent weeks staring at a baby on my works intranet home page... it’s publicising the improved maternity package which is a good thing - but hard to see when going through this rollercoaster and not being sure if you will ever get the chance to use it!

Sometimes you need to have a good rant!!

Buffy101 Mon 24-Feb-20 16:22:31

This is so true! I've been feeling miserable after my failed cycle and it almost feels like the Universe is teasing me about it with the blooming Netflix babies promo!

peanutsandpinenuts Mon 24-Feb-20 16:48:29

So grim. Feel your pain xx

MySweetLittleTriffid Tue 25-Feb-20 07:52:40

I got told I don't ovulate (from day 3 and 21 day bloods literally yesterday morning so was feely a bit raw, turned Netflix on, boom, there it is. I actually did a hollow laugh and then had a large glass of wine.

HeyMac Tue 25-Feb-20 08:18:29

When I was in hospital when pregnancy at least two of the midwives had had serious infertility for years and years and eventually had IVF multiple cycles. Both had a child but can you imagine that?! envysad

cherryblossomgin Tue 25-Feb-20 08:21:53

I seen it and I was like arghh, leave me alone. I was the same when I turned on Radio 4 this morning.


Youngatheart00 Tue 25-Feb-20 14:44:04

Yeah, I feel your frustration. It’s in my “top picks” too 🥺. No interest in watching it whilst I’m in the midst of another tough IVF cycle.

It’s that and the constant references to “family” days out, “family” holidays, kids this, kids that. It’s a constant barrage.

NRW39 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:09:09

I hear ya girl...! I press buttons really quickly on the remote to try and avoid this

If you want an escape, a laugh and something to occupy your mind, I reccommend you watch Love is Blind on Netflix. OMG it's been like medicine for me. I've binged watched it ALL. (I'm got some time off work and therefore have plenty of time on my hands!).


spacegirl123 Tue 25-Feb-20 21:08:35

@NRW39 I have watched it it's awful / amazing 😂 Next in Fashion was great too. That's the kind of light-hearted crap I want to see, not bloody babies!

Sorry you're all going through this girls xxx

Fecking Netflix.

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NRW39 Tue 25-Feb-20 21:19:02

Ha it was awful, but I loved it! Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a watch! - Escapism is the order of the day: I start my 5th cycle next month, so I'll be turning to Netflix, NOT GOOGLE. GOOGLE is bad...!

Good luck and bug hugs for whatever stage you ladies are at. Positive vibes!x

NRW39 Tue 25-Feb-20 21:20:03

*big hugs, not bug hugs!hmm

spacegirl123 Tue 25-Feb-20 21:25:39

Good luck @NRW39 I'm on my 6th 😫

Fingers crossed this is all of our last cycles!

Agreed. Remember kids, stay no to Google.

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NRW39 Tue 25-Feb-20 21:33:57

Right back at ya @spacegirl123!

Yes absolutely: Fingers crossed, and anything that can be crossed! Xx

Mseddy Wed 26-Feb-20 12:05:01

I noticed this too! And it seems to always be the trailer that starts playing as soon as my Netflix comes on. Its shit. Although I work with babies so I guess I am kind of getting used to it, but home is usually a baby free zone!

spacegirl123 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:04:55

OK @NRW39 none of my friends have watched Love is Blind and I have to get something off my chest. You're the only person who has told me they watched it 😂

Is it just me or was Damian an abusive, gaslighting prick? It's sad to watch 😞

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NRW39 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:14:52

Morning! That message has put a smile on my face!

Haha. I didnt like Damian; couldn't put mu finger on why though... maybe that was why. Actually I disliked both of them in that couple. They are so not suited.

I think Amber is 100% nuts and that Jessica (Messica) has a drink problem wine

They'll all going to have to do some soul searching after the show...

PS. Just to keep this chat a bit IVF related!! Ha. I start my meds this coming Friday. Eeek.

P.P.S you're friends are missing out by not watching.

spacegirl123 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:18:41

@NRW39 I'm about halfway through and just can't like him lol. They're all completely bonkers!!

Good luck with starting your meds, is this for a full fresh cycle? How are you feeling about it?

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NRW39 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:26:30

Ha I agree. Are you watching it this morning? I love Sunday morning binge watching.

Yes - it's my first FET. I feel okay, not bouncing off the walls to be honest, but I'm very hopeful (inwardly only though). I'm going to try and 'live' a bit whilst on this Cycle. I went out for my brothers bday yesterday. It was a silent disco. I had the best time; so much fine. I stayed out until the early hours AND I had 2 drinks!! I'd forgotten what it was like to have fun, which is one of many downsides of going through IVF.

What's your situaton. Are you doing a cycle now/waiting/having a break? X

spacegirl123 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:36:58

@NRW39 I was watching this morning, the dog had me out of bed at 6, now I'm getting ready to take her out walking in the storm 😫😫😫

Fingers crossed for you. I'm just waiting to start progynova for an FET, had my prostap injection last Friday so it sounds like we're a few weeks apart (I start progynova any day now if my period would ever show!!!!). This is actually my 6th cycle so I really hope it's the last, we have had a few miscarriages too, it has been a tough ride!

You're just right to go out and have fun, life feels like it is on hold through this whole process. I was at a gig on Wednesday and an engagement party last night, I drove so didn't drink but in previous cycles I had the odd glass of wine just to feel a bit normal. It was nice to be around people and take my mind off things for a few hours! LOVE a silent disco, sounds like you had a great night! Xx

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NRW39 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:46:04

Thank you and the same to you. I never imagined I'd be tryjng for the 5th time, but as you know there are no guarantees...

I'm sorry for your loses. I feel your pain. I've had 2 miscarriages myself. I also had 2 failures, which actually hit me like loses as well. It's not easy love.

Ha. Typical. The elusive period. Never starts when you want it to!

I wish you the very best with this Cycle. Keep in touch x

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