Currently on two week wait

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Woodcottage1 Sat 22-Feb-20 19:54:23

I am currently on my two week wait. I had my egg collection early December last year. I have one ovary, 8 collected, 5 mature, all fertilised, 3 x 5 day blastocysts and 2 x 6 day blastocysts. Then tested, 1 normal. This normal embryo was transferred on Thursday and I have my fingers crossed. Some cramping even on the first day, sharp pain day 2, and one of my legs is painful to touch. All of which is most likely to be from the hormones I’m taking. Just wondering if anyone is also on their 2 week wait? If anyone wants any info about doing this in cyprus let me know x

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Woodcottage1 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:02:41

@Hufflepuff1 how’s everything going? Hope all is good xx

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Hufflepuff1 Sun 15-Mar-20 17:17:11

@Woodcottage1 how are you doing?
@Pinktruffle I also didn't have any symptoms and was convinced it hadn't worked. No symptoms means nothing as does having loads of symptoms as I've seen bfps and bfns with both! The 2ww is pure torture just take each day as it comes. X

Woodcottage1 Sat 14-Mar-20 21:08:03

Thank you @pinktruffle, praying it continues. Very stressful time for you, but try and stay positive and don’t panic if you don’t have any symptoms, I didn’t have any accept a bit of cramping and a slightly painful scalp. I hope you get great news soon x

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Pinktruffle Sat 14-Mar-20 21:02:35

Also congratulations @woodcottage1 I hope the pregnancy goes well

Pinktruffle Sat 14-Mar-20 21:01:48

I had one egg transferred back at day 4, they said it was really good quality but couldn't grade it until day 5. They said it was doing everything it was meant to for that stage though and looked like a strong one. I really wanted 2 transferred back but the refused because it was a good quality one. I also managed to get 3 'top quality' according to the embryologist frozen.

Woodcottage1 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:56:49

Try not to worry @pinktruffle, I honestly didn’t always have twinge pains every day. So your on day 5 post transfer, what transfer did you have ? X

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Pinktruffle Sat 14-Mar-20 19:55:55

I'm one week in to my TWW, hospital told me to test next Saturday.
I've been really positive up until about 15 minutes ago where had this overwhelming feeling come over me that it hadn't worked. Hubby is out so cant talk to him about it but feeling quite worried now.
My egg transfer was on Monday and 8ve been having twingy pains all week apart from today, but I have been feeling a bit under the weather today so done a lot of sleeping.

Woodcottage1 Sun 08-Mar-20 06:32:40

So sorry, I didn’t get a notification that this post had been commented on. It’s easy to get a private blood test, they are £60. I use ‘the birth company’ in Alderley edge, but they have one in London too. You get results about 4 hours later. Hope everyone’s having luck x

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torrespaghetti Mon 02-Mar-20 19:17:30

Congrats ladies! What a lovely post. thanksthanksthanks for each of you!

Adri83 Mon 02-Mar-20 19:10:51

@Hufflepuff1 haha no it wasn't, today I said "ok that's it" and went out to find THE frer (the one everyone uses) and couldn't find it anywhere! Ended up buying 2 different ones and then I finally found it so came home with 3 tests lol that started "cooking" while I was having my lunch. All of them had a faint line but this one was the clearest one.

Once I get my final result on Wednesday I'll call the clinic and if BFP (🤞) I'll call my GP and try and get a BT. x

Hufflepuff1 Mon 02-Mar-20 18:29:13

Definite positive there! I take it wasn't ur first morning urine though as you said after lunch (unless you have amazing bladder control). 😂

And yes of course, I mean I'd be happy to pay for it but I don't see why your GP will say no to doing a blood test for reassurance. My surgery said I have to make an appointment first though.
Tbh I think all clinics should do it especially the amount we are paying but mine seem to think a home pregnancy test will suffice and they would be right in a normal situation but we wouldn't be here if we weren't dealing with alternative situations and journeys!

Adri83 Mon 02-Mar-20 18:22:59

@Hufflepuff1 can you do that? I mean, once you know your result you have to call your GP and clinic, after that I have no idea what happens next. Can I get/ask for a blood test? I'm lost, sorry! 🙈
Got this (see photo) today after lunch.

Hufflepuff1 Mon 02-Mar-20 12:52:05

@Adri83 my OTD is Thursday and the clinic want me to call them with the result. They don't do a blood test so I'm going to ask my GP to do them just for reassurance x

Adri83 Mon 02-Mar-20 12:36:01

@Hufflepuff1 my OTD is on Wednesday, and unfortunately here, get a hold on my GP will take 2 weeks eaaasy. If I get a BFP on Wednesday I do have to contact them, maybe when it comes to pregnancy it might be faster? Or perhaps Barts will call me for a BT. What happened with you after your BFP? Are you in for BT or something with your clinic?

Hufflepuff1 Mon 02-Mar-20 12:09:25

@Adri83 I can definitely see a line there, why don't you contact your GP and ask for some bloods to monitor your hcg? I just did that today, they said I have to get an appointment with the gp first rather than go straight for bloods which is annoying but might be worth you doing it too?

Adri83 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:43:08

For what is worth here are the photos (first 2 are from yesterday and the others from today)

Adri83 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:32:17

Good morning! Just a quick update, tested this morning on 3 different sticks (digital Clear blue, and 2 different brands of Frer) Digital said not pregnant and both frers a very faint line. These faints lines I've been having since Saturday but they are not getting any darker. What do you guys thinks of this?
Oh and both lines on the tests from Saturday got darker after a couple of hours, they got pink darker. Today I'm 12dp2dt.
Good luck to all and loads of baby dust! ❤️

Woodcottage1 Sun 01-Mar-20 16:17:56

Fabulous, huge best of luck 🤞🤞🤞xxx

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Adri83 Sun 01-Mar-20 16:07:55

@Woodcottage1 thank you 🤞@Hufflepuff1 today I'm 11dp2dt so basically 13dpo. It still might be too early, not sure. Will keep testing until OTD (on Wednesday) and keep you guys posted 😉

Woodcottage1 Sun 01-Mar-20 15:52:39

That’s incredible @Adri83 best of luck xx

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Hufflepuff1 Sun 01-Mar-20 15:18:30

Congratulations @Adri83 how many days post transfer r u?

Adri83 Sun 01-Mar-20 07:56:37

@Woodcottage1 tested yesterday (at 7am and 3pm) and today (just now) and got a very faint line, trying to keep my hopes steady! 🤞still very very faint.

Woodcottage1 Sat 29-Feb-20 19:50:59

Thank you so much @adri83, how is it going? Xxx

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Hufflepuff1 Sat 29-Feb-20 12:34:04

@Woodcottage1 yeh 8dp5dt hun, fingers crossed 🤞 both our babies stick and grow healthy 🤞💜

Adri83 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:55:24

@Woodcottage1 congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you! ❤️❤️❤️

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