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Woodcottage1 Sat 22-Feb-20 19:54:23

I am currently on my two week wait. I had my egg collection early December last year. I have one ovary, 8 collected, 5 mature, all fertilised, 3 x 5 day blastocysts and 2 x 6 day blastocysts. Then tested, 1 normal. This normal embryo was transferred on Thursday and I have my fingers crossed. Some cramping even on the first day, sharp pain day 2, and one of my legs is painful to touch. All of which is most likely to be from the hormones I’m taking. Just wondering if anyone is also on their 2 week wait? If anyone wants any info about doing this in cyprus let me know x

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Woodcottage1 Sat 14-Mar-20 21:08:03

Thank you @pinktruffle, praying it continues. Very stressful time for you, but try and stay positive and don’t panic if you don’t have any symptoms, I didn’t have any accept a bit of cramping and a slightly painful scalp. I hope you get great news soon x

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Hufflepuff1 Sun 15-Mar-20 17:17:11

@Woodcottage1 how are you doing?
@Pinktruffle I also didn't have any symptoms and was convinced it hadn't worked. No symptoms means nothing as does having loads of symptoms as I've seen bfps and bfns with both! The 2ww is pure torture just take each day as it comes. X

Woodcottage1 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:02:41

@Hufflepuff1 how’s everything going? Hope all is good xx

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